Fix Corrupted Windows Backup (.bkf) File without any Software

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The BKF file format is mainly used as a backup file, which is mainly related to windows backup utility. It is also known as NT Backup File. Windows store all types of data in BKF format such as files, folders, medias and data files, which are store on windows NT version of the system. After this you can also store these data and files to Windows server 2008, Window xp, and Window vista system.

But there is an issue with this file format is, it is not protected from viruses and malwares. This file can get corrupted, which ultimately leads to inaccessible files. The major concerned is that recovering corrupted BKF files is not an easy task, because there is chance of losing your data. And there is no manual method to repair or recover your corrupted BKF files.

4 Ways to Repair Corrupted Windows Backup (BKF) files:

  • Rename Old Backup Folder
  • Delete Old Restore Points and Enable Windows System Protection
  • Restore Backup Files
  • BKF File Repair Tool

Rename Old BKF Folder to Repair Backup File

  • First of all click on Start and Open Control Panel.
  • Now, select File History.
  • Then you have to open Backup and Restore. Once you see the folder Follow the path.
  • You have to go to that Folder and Rename it as old.

Now you try to open BKF file. If the files open then restore it, but if you are unable to open or restore, then try other method to restore corrupted BKF files.

Delete all Old Restore Points and Enable Windows System Protection

  • In this select System by clicking Window+ S
  • Now move to System Protection and Click on Configure option.
  • Here you need to Choose Delete System Protection and hit Delete (Old Restore points)
  • Repeat Step 1 and Step 2
  • At last, click on Turn on system Protection and then click on OK and Apply.

After applying all these steps you need to restart your computer system, so that you can be able to fix corrupted Windows backup files and you can easily restore them.

Restore BKF Files

Backup of a corrupt data is very crucial for the restoration process. You can try NTBackup or backup exec. To repair corrupt BKF files, You can follow the steps given below:

  1. Open the folder containing NTBackup.exe. And click on OK tab in the new window.
  2. The NTBackup shows the message “Removal Storage service” this is only required for tab backups. Now to continue process click OK.
  3. A new window “welcome to backup or restore wizard” will open. You just need to click Next and move further. Restore Wizard for Windows Backup
  4. Here you have to Select restore files and setting>> Next. Windows Backup and Restore
  5. Click browse. Select the BKF file to restore. Click OK Restore Windows Backup files
  6. Expand from the left pane and select the desired files/folders which has to restore >> and click Next. Fix Corrupt or damage bkf file
  7. Under “restore files to” drop-down, select alternate location. Specify the destination path. Restore corrupt Windows backup file
  8. Accordingly select the restore option. Repair inaccessible Windows backup (.bkf) file
  9. Click Next>> Finish. Successfully restore windows backup files

In this manner you can repair your some backup files. You should know that the windows restore process is successful in some cases. When the file has major corruption in bkf file, this process does not fully repair your files.

Try the BKF File Repair Tool

The manual method is suit well for an IT professional but it does not go well with any novice user, who does not have any technical knowledge. It does not maintain the integrity of the original files because there is chance of data loss. So, you should try third party tool to repair BKF files, This tool maintain the integrity of all original bkf data. If you are using windows then you must go for it because it supports all the version of windows.

Precautions to Avoid Backup Corruption

  1. You can safeguard your drive against viruses and malware which can damage your file system with ease. Therefore, you should install reliable antivirus software on your pc which can scan your device on regular interval.
  2. Your file system can get corrupted due to improper shutdown of computer system. So, you have to always use shut down your system in a standard ways.
  3. While removing your drive, you should use the “safe to remove hardware” option if you eject it without using the safe option, your drive data as well as file system may be in danger.
  4. You should always have a monthly check-up of all the software and hardware which you are using on your computer system.