Recover Corrupt Windows Backup Files Using BKF Repair Tool

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What is BKF files‘?

BKF is the backup format created by default window NT backup application. This BKF file is utilized by users for storing the replica of files stored on Windows NT version of system. This application also uses the file for backing up data on storage media devices like; ZIP DRIVE, HARD DRIVE, OR FLOPPY DISK, and so on.

As we know about the universal fact that, corruption is uncategorized and can damage your data in any form such as virus attacks, disk corruption, errors, etc. so, it is important to keep your data safe and also safe guard your backup files.

But, if you are trapped in a similar problem then you need to check that you have stored a copy of your backup at different location or not. If you had a copy, then you can easily restore your data without any hassles.

But in case if you did not have any copy of backup at any other storage device, then you have to face a several problems. To come out from this situation, it is very important that you should do the selection of an application very carefully. So that the outcome of windows backup recovery is desirable and satisfactory.

If you are facing problem with BKF database file corruption, then in this situation you can take help of BKF file repair software solution which is quite popular in the software industry for its abilities. You can securely repair your damaged BKF file without facing any hassles because this software is designed to serve user convenience.

Step By Step Procedure to Repair Corrupt Windows Backup Files

Step 1: This is the main interface of the software. Choose ‘Browse’ or search option to select the Backup file.

Step 2: ‘Search’ option lists all the backup file present in the particular drive or folder.

Step 3: Select your backup file and click ‘Recover’.

Step 4: Check the preview of data.

Step 5: Choose the location to save the recoverable file into the default or user specified location. ‘Click Save’.

Step: 6: A message will pop-up on the screen after completion of the saving process.

Author’s Verdict About BKF Recovery Tool

After having a discussion about its features and how to deal with damaged or inaccessible BKF file, one can wind up with the fact that Stellar Extractor for Windows Backup is the best suited software to handle corrupted BKF file because it provide all essential function which is not provided by any other tool available in the market.

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