Export Contacts from Apple Mail to MS Outlook?

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As we know, Mac and Windows are two most popular computer operating systems, in which Windows is widely used operating system globally. However on global scale, the Mac customer base continues to grow at a high rate. In addition, MAC is a leader in terms of revenue and profile. These two operating systems differ from each other in almost every sense. The Mac is valued for its GUI and high stability, whereas Windows provides flexibility and negotiation. There may be talk of differences between these OSes, but this is an endless conversation. Let’s go to Apple Mail and MS Outlook and why you might need to export contacts.

Apple Mail is an email client that works on Mac device, whereas Microsoft Outlook is an popular email application which is widely used by users all over the world. It is also a part of MS Office Suite. These both email applications are very efficient in their work. There may be a variety of reasons that might require a user to move contacts from Apple Mail to Outlook.

  • In case users want to shift  from mac OS to Windows as they wish to work on Outlook email client on Windows
  • In case users want to share their contacts from a Mac device to a Windows user.
  • The user may be trying to switch from Apple Mail to Mac OS to Outlook. Outlook is also available in the Apple Store, which is compatible with Macintosh (uses an OLM file for storage).

Now let us discuss the manual method to move contacts from Apple mail to Microsoft Outlook. This process is divided into two parts – therefore, first of all you need to export contacts from Apple mail to Outlook supported file format. And secondly, import the contacts to Microsoft Outlook.

Export Contacts from Apple Mail

Apple Contacts application permits users to export their contacts in only two file formats such as VCF and ABBU, where ABBU file format is only supported by Apple, and not by Outlook application. Therefore, here we will not discuss about how to export files to ABBU format.

First of all users are required to add their Apple Mail contacts to the contacts application, and after that user can export them. To add the contacts, users need to follow these steps mentioned below.

  • Add Apple Mail Recipients to Contacts application
    1. Open Apple Mail application and go to the Toolbar
    2. Here, click on Window and then click Previous Recipients
    3. A new window will appear with a list of all previous recipients in our Apple Mail.
    4. At the bottom right of the interface is the option “Add to Contacts“.
    5. Select all or any of the contacts you need to migrate by clicking the Add to Contacts button

Now that we have the necessary contacts added, let us now export them in VCF file or CSV file.

  • Export as VCF File
  1. First, open the Contacts application on your Mac system.
  2. Here is a list of all your contacts, including contacts added via Apple Mail in the steps above. Select all or any of the contacts you need to migrate.
  3. Before exporting contacts, we can choose whether to export photos and notes in the contact details. If you want to mark the information; go to → Contacts → Preferences → vCard. Select or uncheck the “Export Notes to vCard” and “Export Photos to vCards” box as per your choice.
  4. Now, let’s export contacts. In your Contacts application, click the file, click Export, and select Export vCard.
  5. Select the path and enter the file name for the export file of your contacts
  • Export as CSV File

As MS Outlook provides the option to import contacts from a CSV file as well, we will export our to a CSV file in this step. One must have an MS Excel application on their Mac for this method.

  1. Visit the Contacts application and select all the contacts that you want to export
  2. Now copy these contacts by pressing command + C.
  3. Now open MS Excel on your Mac and paste the contacts by pressing the command + V key. In addition, you can also move the selected contacts from the contacts to Excel.
  4. Now, remove any unwanted columns as per your need. And then go to → File → Export and choose CSV from all the options available.
  5. A new window will open, select a location and enter the file name of your CSV export file.

Import the Contacts into MS Outlook

In the above section, we discussed two different ways to export contacts from a Mac. Depending on the method you choose, you should have a VCF file or a CSV file. You can move this file from one device to another using a removable storage device such as an external storage drive, a USB pen drive, etc. Otherwise, you can simply email this file and download it to your Windows device. You can also use cloud sites to store and share files. Before moving on, you need to move this file to a known location on your Windows device.

  • Import from a vCard File (VCF)
    1. First of all open your Outlook application
    2. Now go to the menu bar and click on File
    3. Now, choose Open & Export option and click on Import/Export
    4.  In “Import and Export” wizard, select “Import a VCARD file (.vcf)” option and press Next button
    5. Visit export file location, and select the VCF file, after that click Open
    6. Contacts are imported for you. Click the people in your Outlook or click the three dots and select the people
    7. You should see imported contacts under My Contacts in Outlook now.

Import from a Comma Separated Value (.CSV) File

  • Open the Outlook application and click on the File menu
  • Now, click Open & Export option and after that click Import / Export
  • In the wizard window, select “Import from another program or file” option and then click Next
  • It will ask you to select the file type – select the option for comma separated values and click Next
  • Now, click Browse and select the CSV file that was exported from Apple Contacts.
  • Now, you can choose from three; how you want to add contacts
  1. Replace duplicates with items imported
  2. Allow duplicates to be created (Default)
  3. Do not import duplicate items 

Select a suitable option of your choice and click on Next.

  • Now, select destination folder as contacts folder in the desired email account and click Next
  • Here, mark check on checkbox to import the desired file into the Contacts folder and click Finish
  • View Imported Contacts under My Contacts by clicking on the People button

An import and export contact from Apple Mail on Mac to Outlook Windows is completed through the guide. But this process can be quite complicated and takes time for many people, not to mention boring and uninteresting. We have a straightforward solution for customers who want to get it done in quick and easy steps. Read on for more information on this.

Use this Professional MBOX to PST Converter Tool

You can use this professional solution named as Convert MBOX to PST tool that greatly simplifies the entire email migration procedure. It avoids all the problems and prevents all Apple Mail items, including contacts in your Outlook. You can completely customize your export and import process by using different options of the tool. You need to export the required data to MBOX file via Apple mail and convert it to PST using MBOX to PST tool. This converted PST file can then be easily imported into Outlook while keeping all your data perfectly intact. Please comment if you have any issues with the given solution. And I will reach you in the shortest time possible.

Follow the simple steps to easily export Apple Mail messages to Windows Outlook PST:

Step 1: Open MBOX Converter for Windows and click on Add File option

Step 2: Choose Mac Mail from the list and press the Next button to open the browse window

Step 3: Now add the Apple mailbox files that you migrated from Mac OS

Step 4: View the preview all the emails and attachments in details

Step 5: Choose PST as export type and click Export button to migrate Apple Mail to Windows Outlook PST


In the starting of this article, we discussed about Mac and Windows operating systems in brief. After that, we thoroughly covered Apple Mail and Outlook applications and gave a few scenarios when you might need to copy contacts from Apple Mail to Outlook. We split the problem into two parts – export from Apple Mail and import into Outlook. Before exporting contacts, we quickly outlined how you can add your Apple Mail recipients to your contacts list. Next, we have provided a detailed step-by-step procedure on how to handle your Apple Mail contacts in VCF format. We also sorted these contacts for export in CSV format. Next, we looked at methods for importing VCF files and CSV files into Outlook. Finally, we recommend the professional MBOX to PST Converter tool, which helps you to transfer not only your contacts but also other emails to Outlook.