How to Export GroupWise Mailbox to Outlook PST

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If we talk about Novel GroupWise, it is still being liked by many organizations, as it provides them with advanced emailing features, contact management, calendaring, task management as well as much more. But if we compare it to Microsoft Outlook, in many scenarios, Outlook is far from Novell GroupWise in terms of user-friendliness, flexibility, scalability and security.

Therefore, many GroupWise users are migrating from to GroupWise to Outlook PST files. Before proceeding, please answer one of my questions, have you ever heard of a direct manual way of doing this? Don’t worry, we asked this only because we have doubts, because no such method exists. But you don’t have to worry; because you have a ray of hope that lets you easily convert GroupWise to PST with a third party tool. But, there are so many tools available in the market, that’s creating difficulties while choosing the best GroupWise to Outlook PST Converter tool. However, if you want to get the best results while using GroupWise Converter tool than you should go for a professional tool that works with certainty.

Professional GroupWise to Outlook PST Converter

GroupWise to Outlook Converter is a professional and powerful application that enables you to export your GroupWise files to PST files without putting them in any risk. This tool has so simple and interactive interface which can be easily managed by any novice user during migrating the email database without affecting the originality of the files. The best thing about the tool is that it guarantees that it will not allow any of your email files to be lost or corrupted at any point of time during the conversion.This tool is one of the trusted or secured solution for GroupWise to Outlook migration for all users, beginners or advanced.

Why use Our GroupWise to PST Converter Software

  • This tool works at high speed to save both your time and effort.
  • It maintains a log for both single and multiple mailbox conversion.
  • You can convert GroupWise files to PST in bulk with any risk.
  • Supports conversion of GroupWise to EML and MSG formats
  • Easily convert the deleted (trash) files to PST outlook in few clicks
  • The tool is incredibly easy to operate & offers step by step conversion
  • Multiple item filtration options to ensure that you are going to get the best result.
  • Mailbox item preview before GroupWise to PST conversion.
  • Supports all the GroupWise versions 2018, 2014, 2012, 8.0, 7.0, 6.5, and 6.0
  • It also supports Outlook versions 2019, 2016, (both 32 bit and 64 bit), and previous version.
  • Provide 100% guarantees for safety of your email database with accurate results.
  • Keeps folder hierarchy intact and save read/unread status as well.
  • It preserves the uniqueness of the database & does not lag or cause errors.
  • It allows you to save Unicode content & other metadata that you miss.
  • Allows creation of password protected PST files and save them at your desired location.
  • This utility provides free supports and latest updates as well.

Some features of GroupWise to Outlook Converter

Easy to Use: you do not need any experience to use this tool as you can easily run it without any technical knowledge. There is no need to think so much about this software, as you can easily export GroupWise to PST, without worrying about data loss, because this tool will give you step by step instructions related to the conversion process, which you can easily understand.

High-Speed Conversion: You can save a lot of time and effort when converting PST files to your GroupWise, if you would like to know how, so let me tell you, this software migrates your files with lightning speed, as it is developed with the use of high-end algorithms, which reduces the conversion time in spite of their large file size. You just need to sit comfortably, watch the work of this equipment, as it will work for you further.

Add GroupWise mailboxes with multiple options:  You do not need to trust a single method further to add a group wise mailbox to the software, as this software allows you to add online mailbox or archive mailbox or remote file as well. There is no need to get worry, if you don’t want to insert credentials into the software, there is another way to login, and for this you can use default profile to login.

File Preview Option: If you use this software, then you will know about its many amazing features. One of them features is the preview feature, because when you convert your group wise file to PST, you get to preview your email files before actual conversion. With the help of which you can ensure that only your selected files will be converted. This utility also makes the GroupWise to PST converter process fast and well secured in terms of safety of email database. With this preview option you can get to know in advanced about each and every file that are ready for conversion.

Convert to Multiple Formats: You can perform selective email conversion through this software, and can easily export your group wise to PST, EML and MSG as well. This software is having smart feature with, which you can easily access the GroupWise emails in multiple email clients both on Mac as well as Windows, but it is only possible when performing GroupWise to EML conversions.

Preserves Unicode Content: You will find many email converter software for which it is not possible to do so. But GroupWise for Outlook Converter software can fully read and recognize all Unicode or non-English files. This software is having Metadata preservation feature which contains all double-byte character-based languages such as Chinese, Japanese etc.

Split large PST files into smaller ones: If we talk about the file size of GroupWise, then there is no file limit, but as far as outlook is concerned, then 50 GB size limit has been fixed for each file. So when you convert large size GroupWise files to PST, this software automatically splits large PST files into smaller and more manageable sizes, so that you can use them correctly. The software split your PST files according to your choice only.

Free Trial: you can download the free trial version of this GroupWise to PST Converter to check its functionality and capacity. And once you are satisfied with the tool works for you, you can easily upgrade to an affordable full version. The software allows you to convert and save up to 25 GroupWise to PST files for each folder for a limited time only. Use Free Trial Version:

Free Download GroupWise to Outlook PST Converter