Free Methods to Export Contacts from Apple Mail to MS Outlook

Migrating contacts from Apple Mail to Outlook has become common, but you may be unaware of this fact. As such, tools that can perform such a procedure are also limited. MBOX to PST Converter can saves you from the headache of finding the best tool to move your Apple Mail Contacts from MAC PC to Windows Outlook.  

Nowadays, Outlook for Mac is in high demand due to its features and quality. Every day the Mac user base continues to grow at a higher rate as users are happier working on Mac systems. However, Outlook for Windows is also a popular and fast growing product in the market. If we talk about these two operating systems then they are very different from each other in every sense. We can discuss the differences between these two operating systems, but it will take a lot of time. So let us come to the main topic that is – how to export Apple Mail contacts to Outlook Window and why we need it?

As we know, Apple Mail is an email client that works on a Mac Outlook device, while Windows Outlook is a very useful email application that is widely used by business and personal users. Outlook for Windows saves contacts in CSV and vCard (.vcf) format. If a user is currently working on Apple Mail email client and wants to switch to a window based application, then they have to migrate emails, contacts, calendars, and other items from their Apple Mail to Outlook. However, this is the most common reason, but there may be other reasons that force users to transfer contacts from Apple Mail to Outlook.

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What to Do When Office 365 Shared Mailbox Not Showing in MS Outlook?

There are many benefits of Office 365 platform that you can take advantage of. You can attach multiple accounts to a single Outlook platform. Your Outlook account may have different mailboxes that are useful for specific purposes such as Primary mailboxes, Archive mailboxes and Shared mailboxes, and so on. You can move your Primary mailbox data to Archive mailbox or shared mailbox, but for this you need to create an Archive and Shared mailbox. Continue reading “What to Do When Office 365 Shared Mailbox Not Showing in MS Outlook?”

OST to PST Conversion – The best way to repair and recover OST files data

It the worst situation for the users when they work on MS Outlook and their user profile get damaged or deleted mistakenly. There can be many conditions under which a change in the user profile becomes necessary or is inadvertently deleted. Offline folder files (OST) are copy of the folders found in users Exchange Server mailbox. Continue reading “OST to PST Conversion – The best way to repair and recover OST files data”

How to Import MBOX to Account? – Solved

You want to import your MBOX to Congrats then you are at the right place right now. Because today we are going to discuss this topic only – how users can transfer their MBOX directly to Yes, this article does not contain any manual configuration or lengthy tricks. We found many users who want to import their MBOX file into Outlook OWA account, but due to lack of technical knowledge and lack of proper methods, it seems very difficult for them to do this work. Continue reading “How to Import MBOX to Account? – Solved”

How to Export GroupWise Mailbox to Outlook PST

If we talk about Novel GroupWise, it is still being liked by many organizations, as it provides them with advanced emailing features, contact management, calendaring, task management as well as much more. But if we compare it to Microsoft Outlook, in many scenarios, Outlook is far from Novell GroupWise in terms of user-friendliness, flexibility, scalability and security. Continue reading “How to Export GroupWise Mailbox to Outlook PST”

Manual Steps to Migrate Data from NSF to PST

Today, in this blog we are going to discuss about the topic “how to convert NSF to PST format manually” as well as with third party tool. As, you know that both IBM Lotus Notes and Microsoft Outlook are popular email clients which companies across the world are using. But there is a difference between these two emails clients, where NSF (Notes Storage Facility) is a file extension used by Lotus Notes, whereas Microsoft Outlook use PST file format to store data. Nowadays, many users are switching from Lotus Notes to Outlook, seeing the changes in their business requirements and market. There are many reasons behind the conversion of NSF file to PST format. Continue reading “Manual Steps to Migrate Data from NSF to PST”

Manual Guide How Can I Import My Gmail To Office 365 Mailbox

Today, Gmail is one of the most popular e-mail applications used all over the world. Now maximum users having Android mobile and definitely they have Gmail account. Well, if you are buying Window’s mobile or any laptop that supports only Office 365 or Microsoft Outlook then you need to convert your IMAP Gmail to Office 365. In this article, we will illustrate the free method to export Gmail data to Office 365 mailbox manually. You need to set your Gmail account to IMAP, then after following the step of Office 365 migration process. Continue reading “Manual Guide How Can I Import My Gmail To Office 365 Mailbox”