How to Repair Corrupt Microsoft Access Database?

If you have used the access database or you are about to use this awesome software to store your data files. So what happen when MS Access database file become corrupt? The data which you have stored inside the Access database file would be at huge risk of loss. There is also a tremendous chance of your file getting fully damaged and it leads to complete data loss also would be high.

In this article, we here to show you some ways which will definitely helps you to resolve this problem, there are some reasons why Access database file get corrupt and what possible measures could you take to tackle the worst situations.

What is MS Access and how does it work?

In simple terms, MS Access is a popular information management tool, which helps you to store all kinds of information for reporting, analysis and reference with Microsoft Access, you can manage data more efficiently and analyze large amount of information Microsoft Access provide you with one of the most flexible and simple DBMS solutions available in the market.

MS Access utilizes Microsoft (Relational Microsoft Jet Database Engine) – RMIDE with An interactive G.U.I. in parallel, which is quite important for all kind of small application & business. MS Access is also a part of Microsoft Office 365 suite.

Why Access database files become corrupt?

There are not only one or two reasons behind it. There could be numerous reasons. Why MS Access Database files become corrupt or damaged.

  • Write operation interruption – this can be happen due to when sudden or unexpected exit from the application while a write operation is ongoing. In such cases, the Jet database as suspect or corrupt. Sudden shutdown can also lead to same issue.
  • Defective Network Hardware – some minor network fault could cause the database file to turn corrupt. The network hardware not being in normal stat would directly affect the Jet database engine & further jet database engine will set flag on the file which is pretty much dangerous.
  • Opening Access database files in non native programs – In this case when someone try to open MS Access database file with some other program on this system. It could cause the database files go corrupt.

Measures to avoid Access database file corruption

To prevent Access Database corruption from the points, which I have mentioned them earlier. Make sure you should not exist or close before the write operation completes. Which you have started or your window machine should not shutdown frequently. Regarding the faulty network hardware, a regular check would be fine as far as you are ready to lose important information. Although it make no sense in opening MS Access database files with some other window program as these files are meant to be accessed using the native application which is Microsoft Access.


Methods to repair corrupt Microsoft Access database file(s)

The reason which I have mentioned above, why MS Access database files become corrupt & the measures you could take to tackle such situations. Now, let move on to some few methods both native & non- native, which can help in analyzing causes, and resolution for access database corruption, afterword you can fix the database file corruption issues.

Backup and Restore

This method is very simple to recover the Access database corrupted files. As you can recover the corrupted files by replacing the damaged database with the backup copy, but for this you should have to maintain a complete and up to date Access database files backup option.

Compact and Repair Utility

MS Access database grow quickly in leaps and bounds. And size of the database get bigger due to which it come to a great risk of corruption. To solve these issues you can use in-built tool Compact and Repair to fix corruption access files. Here are some steps which you have to follow:

  1. Open Microsoft Access.
  2. Click on the Database Tools tab and click the Compact and Repair Database
  3. Click on Browse to select the Access Database you wish to repair.

The repair has been successfully completed and save its copy in the same location.

The manual techniques to repair MDB file is not a foolproof solution, because they have many drawbacks as we discussed earlier. Moreover, manual solution needs a technical user to run the process, as a little mistake can lead to data lose. Therefore, it is advised to you that use an authentic third party tool.


Follow the steps below to repair the MS Access Database file(s) and recover its data:

  1. Download and install Access repair software. Access File Recovery Tool
  2. Select the corrupt file using ‘Find Files’ You can also search the corrupted MDB or ACCDB files from the appropriate drive by selecting the drive and click on ‘Find’ button.  Select .MDB file to repair
  3. Check the “Scan for deleted records” to include for recovery.
  4. Start the repairing process by clicking the Repair MS Access Database Repair tool
  5. After completion of the repairing process, you will get a confirmation message on your screen. Click OK on it. Successfully Saved MS Access Database Files
  6. Click on the Object to see the database preview.
  7. To save the repaired data, click on the Save button and choose the location. Show preview of Repaired MS Access Database files


How to Fix Exchange Pub1.edb EDB File Error and Recover Such Mailboxes?

Microsoft Exchange Server is a very effective and powerful email server which put together Exchange Storage Engine (ESE) as well as security information stored to provide smooth email communication. While dealing with the intrinsic Exchange Server database, you can notice that information stored actually has .stm and .edb files. In addition, Exchange Server considers default mailbox database as Priv1.stm and Priv1.edb files.

On the other side, Pub1.stm and Pub1.edb files store all the emails related to default public store. When it comes to .edb file entity, it is ESE database which stores MAPI messages and important email attachments.

How Pub1.edb is damaged by Jet Engine Error or Exchange Dirty Shutdown State?

Exchange admins are used to go through several events where Exchange Server cannot perform standard shutdown. Here are some of the reasons –

  • Unexpected system failure due to lack of power backup
  • Constant errors on hard drive sectors
  • Dirty system shutdown on email restoration process


There are different reasons behind inefficient shutdown. You also have to understand the intricacies which are involved at deepest level of Exchange database. When any of the given reasons take place, Exchange Server database cannot isolate itself from streams of transaction logs which impacts integrity and consistency of database. If you restart the services of Exchange Server, server seeks missing log files at this instance. If it goes missing, it creates the situation of Exchange server corruption.


Let’s check out the other serious possibility, i.e. jet engine errors and its effect on Exchange database. Exchange Jet Engine errors take place due to software or hardware crashes, which can affect Exchange database at various levels. Here are some of the common damages resulted from Jet engine error –

  • Jet Database engine
  • Exchange Server information storage
  • Exchange Server file system


The security of both Private and Public EDB mailboxes is compromised in the above cases. At lowest level of Exchange database, corruption also brings adverse effects as we go deeper in Exchange information storage. Along with it, you cannot deny the risk of Pub1.edb file corruption It needs smart and proactive troubleshooting to recover all email files.

How to fix Pub1.edb File after Severe Crashes?

When it comes to fix Pub1.edb files, you need to recover the whole Exchange information storage with command line prompt. You can easily interact with detailed functionalities of Exchange Storage Engine with disaster recovery commands. Here are the steps to fix corrupt or damaged Pub1.edb file.

  • Inspect the Exchange Server error carefully and act well.
  • Stop Exchange information store process and go to bin folder with command interface
  • Input command “eseutil /mh ..\mdbdata\priv1.edb” at command line “C:\exchsrvr\bin>.” Now press Enter.
  • Check State of Exchange database and figure out if it is clean or not.
  • If you have any problem, perform soft recovery when you export the folder to the location of log files.
  • Hit the command “C:\Program Files\exchsrvr\BIN\eseutil” /r E00” at the path C:\Program Files\exchsrvr\MDBDATA>.
  • If nothing happens after applying the above command, it’s time to perform hard recovery.
  • At the command line “C:\Program Files\exchsrvr\MDBDATA>” enter the command – C:\Program Files\exchsrvr\BIN\eseutil” /p pub1.edb.
  • Discard .chk and Temp.edb files with log files on MDBDATA folder.
  • Mount and dismount Exchange Server Database and stop Exchange information store process.
  • Defragment Public EDB mailboxes with this command – C:\Program Files\exchsrvr\BIN>eseutil /d “C:\Program Files\exchsrvr\MDBDATA\pub1.edb”
  • Fix the Isinteg.exe with this command – C:\Program Files\exchsrvr\BIN>isinteg -s (servername) -fix -test alltests.
  • Close command prompt and restart Exchange Server to start recovery of Pub1.edb corrupt files.


When your Exchange database is affected by jet engine errors and most critical dirty system shutdown, you won’t have to be worried if you are unable to recover vital email items even after conducting soft and hard recovery process. You need to download the reliable and professional Exchange Server Recovery tool to fix all .edb files including Private and Public files in such cases.

Exchange Server Recovery Software

Exchange Server Recovery tool has been designed well as an excellent solution to remove all severe errors in Exchange Server. It helps you to fix Priv1.edb and Pub1.edb mailboxes without affecting its structure, properties and formatting. This tool is planned well to have great migration options like Exchange EDB to PST, Public Folders, Office 365, Archive Mailboxes and Live Exchange Server. It works well with MS Outlook 2019, Windows 10, and MS Exchange Server 2019.

Manual Guide How Can I Import My Gmail To Office 365 Mailbox

Today, Gmail is one of the most popular e-mail applications used all over the world. Now maximum users having Android mobile and definitely they have Gmail account. Well, if you are buying Window’s mobile or any laptop that supports only Office 365 or Microsoft Outlook then you need to convert your IMAP Gmail to Office 365. In this article, we will illustrate the free method to export Gmail data to Office 365 mailbox manually. You need to set your Gmail account to IMAP, then after following the step of Office 365 migration process.

Moving Gmail to Office 365 or Microsoft Outlook is totally free but if you are not following the proper steps then it could be damaged. Therefore, it is essential to convert your Gmail account in IMAP, then after import it to Office 365. You must have permissions to make modification and changes in both Gmail and Office 365 settings. So, first of all, change the settings in Gmail and prepare it for Office 365 migration.

Follow the steps to prepare Gmail for Office 365 Migration

First in Gmail Turn on Less Secure Apps

  • Get sign-in in your Gmail account then click on Google Apps icon at the top right corner to open apps.
  • After Opening Google Apps, go to My Account and click on Security in the left window panel.
  • Scroll down the open window and go to the section “Less Secure App Access”. Gmail to Office 365 Migration tool
  • Click on “Turn On” to allow Access for less secure apps in your account.

Enable IMAP in your Gmail Account

  • Sign-in with your Gmail account and go to the gear icon and click on Settings.
  • Go to “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” option in a new window.
  • Click on IMAP access option and click on Enable IMAP.
  • At last, save the changes.

Create a CSV File to Map your Mailbox

It is a most essential part of migration; it acts as a medium between Gmail account and Office 365.

  • Open Excel and create three columns.
  • Label these three columns respectively as Email Address, Username, and Password.
  • In the column, Email Address types your Office 365 mailbox address. Example:
  • Type your Gmail ID in Username column and Gmail password in Password Column.
  • Save this Excel file in CSV format.

Method of Free Migration of Gmail to Office 365 Mailbox

  • Open MS Office 365 and click on the Admin Center.
  • Start Exchange Admin and click on Recipients.
  • Then click on Migration and then after 3 dotted lines alongside the refresh icon.
  • Then the migration endpoint window will appear then click on +icon.
  • In the opened new window, choose IMAP as an option and click on Next.
  • Type your IMAP server name as and type 993 as the port number, then click Next.
  • Then another window will appear then type the new migration endpoint name and close it.
  • Go to the main menu in the Exchange Admin Center then Recipients then Migration.
  • Then Click the +icon and then choose “Migrate to Exchange Online”.
  • Choose IMAP migration option and click on Next button.
  • Then browse the CSV file which created earlier to add.
  • Check the mark option “Allow unknown columns in CSV file”.
  • Click the Next Button until you get the notification in your Gmail account.
  • Gmail data will migrate with Office 365 mailbox.
  • Login to Office 365 mailbox and check your mailbox content.
  • With this method, you can migrate your Gmail data to Office 365 mailbox easily.

You can follow this free method for migration of Gmail IMAP to Office 365. This is a long process and it requires too many permissions. You can also try some migration software which is much easier to export your Gmail data to Office 365 or export data from IMAP emails like Yahoo, AOL, and Amazon Mails to Office 365.


How to Fix Outlook PST Error 0x80040116? – Manual Guide

It is always best to use Outlook for email communication. Outlook is one of the best email clients to serve the users. If there is a mistake, it shows error code. In MS Outlook, PST is the most vital file which has all the data. If Outlook is unable to access PST file, it generates error code 0x80040116. It is very hard to work in case of PST file corruption. So, it is vital to look for the best way to fix Outlook PST error code 0x80040116. This code refers to several PST file issues like –

  • PST file is unable to access
  • Receiving and sending reported error
  • Exchange Server error

How to Fix Outlook PST Error 0x80040116

As there are several possible reasons but if you know the actual cause of Outlook PST error, you can avoid the same.

Causes behind Outlook PST error 0x80040116

  • Poor shutdown of the system
  • If there is corrupt header file in PST
  • Bulk recovery of Outlook Mailbox

These reasons could be known as Outlook PST error 0x80040116. Here are the methods to fix Outlook PST Error code 0x80040116.

Using ScanPST.Exe tool to Scan PST files

MS Outlook offers inbuilt tool named scanpst.exe which is installed at the time of installation of Office package. This free tool can repair errors in MS Outlook and make PST file work. The PST tool location varies as per the Outlook version which is installed. So, it is wise to choose the path of Outlook PST according to Outlook version.

How to Fix Outlook PST Error 0x80040116

  • Now add Outlook PST file and click scan
  • Click on Scanpst.exe to launch this tool
  • The tool will search for errors in Outlook PST file and repair them
  • Open PST file once the process is finished
  • Restart MS Outlook and check for the problem to be fixed
Create your new Outlook Account

If there is still an error, it is always better to create new Outlook profile and PST –

  • Simply go to Start and click Control Panel
  • Select the option to see as Small icons and click mail icon
  • How to Fix Outlook PST Error 0x80040116
  • It will open mail set up wizard and click on ‘Show Profiles’ tab
  • How to Fix Outlook PST Error 0x80040116
  • Click on Properties and Data files.
  • How to Repair Outlook PST Error 0x80040116
  • It will open the data files wizard and click on “Set as Default”
  • It will show Outlook data file
  • Create a new profile
  • Click on email tab and click New
  • Click “Add New Account” and it will open setup wizard
  • Enter your email, name, password and proceed next
  • After creating profile, select “Always use this profile”
  • Close all the Windows and Restart PC
  • Start Outlook and it will open without errors.

These tips will help you to repair Outlook PST file error but sometimes it will not work. Manual tips sometimes did not work. If you are still facing the error, I would suggest you to use the free trial version of Outlook PST Repair tool. Free version allow you to repair corrupt pst file and show you all the recoverable.

I strongly recommend to use Free trial version to see recoverable outlook pst emails. Use Free Version Now!

Manual Guide to Repair Corrupt or Inaccessible MS Access Database (.mdb) files

MS Access is known as a database management system (DBMS) from the Microsoft. And MDB is the file which store all the data of MS Access database. This application is most popular and widely used.

But sometimes this file got corrupted and become inaccessible. There are various reasons of corrupt of MS Access database files.

Some Major Reasons for Corruption of MS Access Database:

  • Quick shutdown: Sudden shutdown of the system is one of the greatest issues for the damage access data. It indicates like when window not working properly, system get hang and sometimes sends the error massages and shutdown your PC without closing down your database files. While suddenly power failed during the working on system.
  • Hardware fault: Hardware failed while the packets are lost on the network and due to the bad sector.
  • Virus infections: Due to working on the system with using networks some virus comes on the system unexpectedly. And they infected the documents. This is one of the awful reasons for the damage access data.
  • Bugs: A bugs relates to the unwanted error, flaw, failure or fault in a system. It shows an unexpected result which may cause of the data faults.
  • Several users: Several users using the same database and the different jetpacks, it may be leads to corruption.

So that was the reasons of corruptions in the Ms Access database. Now you should have to know that how can you prevent your damage database. Let’s know about the prevention of the Ms Access documents.

  • Splitting: For preventing your file then split your database into two parts in the backend which stores tables and a frontend which stores everything else. There is an inbuilt wizard which can help you for this tool.
  • Don’t use memo fields: Never try or use of the memo field it also can cause for the damage data. If you need to memo your work then generates a separate table for it and then creates the one to one relationship with the parent table.
  • Don’t stores images: Don’t use and store images in your database, it isn’t made for this so be careful.
  • Wi-Fi issues: If you are connected to the -neighborhood networks or multiple users using the same Wi-Fi can cut your connection abruptly. This may reason to the corrupt data.

Manual Tips to Repair Damaged MS Access Database:

So don’t worry for your corrupt and damage documents in the access database file. Here is a manual methods which is able to helps you to recover the damaged and corrupted database.

But before you start this procedure you should have to know about their limitations such as:

  • The manual methods are complex issue; it has a time consuming and a bit lengthy
  • There are some chance to loosing data and if it fails to the repair MBD file
  • User need to have some technical skill to repair MS Access Database

So we don’t want to take your more time so let’s start the process:

1. Inbuilt Feature “Compact and Repair Database” to repair .mdb file

The size of the MS Access database file is rapidly grow and bigger size always create problem. So it better to use Microsoft inbuilt utility to repair corrupt Access database file. You can follow these steps to repair mdb file.
1. Open Menu
2. Click on Database Tools
3. And then Select “Compact and Database Repair” option
This is a inbuilt feature and All version of MS Access having this option.

2. Import Corrupt Files to a New Database & Restore MS Access Database:

  • First launch MS Access and create a new database in Ms Access. Then click on the “Create a new file”.
  • After that go the “External data” on the access task bar
  • Select the Access to import the files.
  • Clicking on the Access, window will pop up named “Get External Data – Access Database”.
  • After that go to the browse button and choose the database files to import.
  • Then browse and click Ok.
  • Select the object and click Ok.
  • Choose “Save Import Steps” and click Ok.

These tips will help you in most of cases but sometimes it will not work. Manual tips did not repair all types of problems. If you are still facing the error, I would suggest you to use the free trial version of MS Access Database Repair tool. Free version allow you to repair corrupt database and show you all the recoverable.
If you are completely satisfied with the free version then you need to purchase the full version license to save data.

How to Recreate OST Files in MS Outlook after Corruption?

Sometimes OST file shows unexpected error which chills down to your spine. It happens most of the time because of deleting user account, virus attack and hardware failure which shows errors in Exchange Server. In order to avoid this issue, users recover or repair of files with third-party tools. These tools often work well but all of them are not reliable.

With the advancement in technology, Microsoft has brought up-to-date diagnostic and repair tool with MS Outlook. Each version comes with its own options and functionality to diagnose the error. Microsoft provides a different tool to fix issues in OST files. The company also don’t recommend OST repair all the time as it may affect the data.

So, it is better to recreate OST files with the following steps –

  • Close the MS Outlook application.
  • Open Mail from Control Panel.
  • Click “Email Accounts” in Mail Setup”.
  • On “Data Files” tab, choose “Exchange Account” by launching “Open File Location”.
  • A platform is opened for Exchange Account in the file explorer. In the file explorer, the Mail Setup and Account Settings will remain open.
  • Close Mail Setup and Account Settings dialog boxes.
  • Access exchange data file from File Explorer and click Delete.
  • Restart the MS Outlook to recreate an OST file.

When followed in ideal order, the solution is likely to work. If any complex issue takes place in the field, it is better to use a professional tool. You can use OST to PST converter which can easily deal with OST issues despite the platform. It is known to have user-friendly interface which is customized for the beginners and it can be easier for all users. To evaluate these features before buying them, it is better to use trial version. If it works as per your needs, you may buy the full licensed version.


How to Recover Lost SQL Password Manually

SQL database is the most reliable application which used to store and recovers the data. SQL is the installed application in the server. The SQL easily allow to access multiple users that helps to make the each users account at the same time. The SQL server creates the correct username and passwords foe each user it allow for the lawful power to access the SQL server database.

Sometime your SQL passwords gets corrupt due to the any reason like- malware or virus attacks, abruptly power shutdown, disk corruption and so on.

There are two methods to recover SQL Password:-

First: Manual Methods

Second: Third Party Tool like SQL password Recovery Software.

Hence, follow the steps to change the SQL passwords.

How to change SQL Server password in management accommodation?

  1. Login to SQL Server by using Windows Authentication. 
  2. In Logins Folder through Security Folder as available under Object Explorer. 
  3. This will enable you to change System Administrator password, change and confirm the new password. Click OK.
  4. Your new password will reset within no time. Keep a note of it at a safe location for easy access.

You have to know that manual processor is little bit lengthy process and it will take some time for the recovery of SQL password. It is done by the person who have technical knowledge to run this process.  Small mistake can be cause of the deleted data. You can try this method at once and if you didn’t get any response or any other problem then, you can try this third party tool to Recover SQL Password.

SQL Password Recovery Software

The SQL password recovery software is the software that helps to the instant password recovery. The software has a great features as well as functionality. The software works with full of efficiency and accuracy.  So if you want for the quick sql password recovery then use this software. Download the free trial version of this software.

How to Repair MS Word Document File Manually

Are you looking for the solution to repair corrupt Word document File?

So, here is the way that how to recover your corrupt word files back in the safe mode. Sometimes your ms word file gets corrupted due to may reason like- virus and malware attacks, sudden power shut down, hardware issues and so on. There are two ways to recover MS Word file. First is Manual Process and Second is use of the third party software.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a word document which is developed by the Microsoft. Microsoft Word is a part of the MS office suit. It is uses in the business world, home, and educational sector. The word processor application to generate different type of text documents which contains letters, brochures, learning activities, resumes etc. The ms word document has two .doc and .docx file extension. Earlier version of ms word used .doc extension and MS Word 2007 and later versions use the .docx extension to saving the document.

Here are Some Limitations of Manual Process

  • It is little bit lengthy process
  • Manual process allow for the person who have the sound technical knowledge to perform this process.
  • Data may be delete or lost if there is having any mistake during the process.
  • This manual process is a complex issue.

Manual Process to Recover Corrupt MS Word Document File by the OPEN and REPAIR Feature.

  • Start the Microsoft Word program on the system
  • Go to the File tab and click
  • In the open window, browse the location where the corrupt file is saved.
  • Select the file, now click drop-down arrow button shown next to the open.
  • Click open and repair in the list  Repair MS Word Document File Manually
  • Now, within a few time it will complete the process.

Recover Corrupt Word File using Third Party Software

Use the MS Word File Recovery software which helps to recovers the entire corrupt word file. It is based on the graphical user interface. The software works very quickly and easily. So download the free trial version of this software. Free version allow you to repair corrupt Word file and see you the preview of recoverable data. If you are completely satisfied with recoverable data then you need to purchase the full version license.

You can download this application from here: