Fix Corrupted Windows Backup (.bkf) File without any Software

The BKF file format is mainly used as a backup file, which is mainly related to windows backup utility. It is also known as NT Backup File. Windows store all types of data in BKF format such as files, folders, medias and data files, which are store on windows NT version of the system. After this you can also store these data and files to Windows server 2008, Window xp, and Window vista system. Continue reading “Fix Corrupted Windows Backup (.bkf) File without any Software”

How to Repair Corrupt Microsoft Access Database?

If you have used the access database or you are about to use this awesome software to store your data files. So what happen when MS Access database file become corrupt? The data which you have stored inside the Access database file would be at huge risk of loss. There is also a tremendous chance of your file getting fully damaged and it leads to complete data loss also would be high. Continue reading “How to Repair Corrupt Microsoft Access Database?”

How to Fix Exchange Pub1.edb EDB File Error and Recover Such Mailboxes?

Microsoft Exchange Server is a very effective and powerful email server which put together Exchange Storage Engine (ESE) as well as security information stored to provide smooth email communication. While dealing with the intrinsic Exchange Server database, you can notice that information stored actually has .stm and .edb files. In addition, Exchange Server considers default mailbox database as Priv1.stm and Priv1.edb files. Continue reading “How to Fix Exchange Pub1.edb EDB File Error and Recover Such Mailboxes?”

Manual Guide How Can I Import My Gmail To Office 365 Mailbox

Today, Gmail is one of the most popular e-mail applications used all over the world. Now maximum users having Android mobile and definitely they have Gmail account. Well, if you are buying Window’s mobile or any laptop that supports only Office 365 or Microsoft Outlook then you need to convert your IMAP Gmail to Office 365. In this article, we will illustrate the free method to export Gmail data to Office 365 mailbox manually. You need to set your Gmail account to IMAP, then after following the step of Office 365 migration process. Continue reading “Manual Guide How Can I Import My Gmail To Office 365 Mailbox”

How to Fix Outlook PST Error 0x80040116? – Manual Guide

It is always best to use Outlook for email communication. Outlook is one of the best email clients to serve the users. If there is a mistake, it shows error code. In MS Outlook, PST is the most vital file which has all the data. If Outlook is unable to access PST file, it generates error code 0x80040116. It is very hard to work in case of PST file corruption. So, it is vital to look for the best way to fix Outlook PST error code 0x80040116. This code refers to several PST file issues like – Continue reading “How to Fix Outlook PST Error 0x80040116? – Manual Guide”

How to Recreate OST Files in MS Outlook after Corruption?

Sometimes OST file shows unexpected error which chills down to your spine. It happens most of the time because of deleting user account, virus attack and hardware failure which shows errors in Exchange Server. In order to avoid this issue, users recover or repair of files with third-party tools. These tools often work well but all of them are not reliable. Continue reading “How to Recreate OST Files in MS Outlook after Corruption?”

How to Recover Lost SQL Password Manually

SQL database is the most reliable application which used to store and recovers the data. SQL is the installed application in the server. The SQL easily allow to access multiple users that helps to make the each users account at the same time. The SQL server creates the correct username and passwords foe each user it allow for the lawful power to access the SQL server database. Continue reading “How to Recover Lost SQL Password Manually”

How to Repair MS Word Document File Manually

Are you looking for the solution to repair corrupt Word document File?

So, here is the way that how to recover your corrupt word files back in the safe mode. Sometimes your ms word file gets corrupted due to may reason like- virus and malware attacks, sudden power shut down, hardware issues and so on. There are two ways to recover MS Word file. First is Manual Process and Second is use of the third party software. Continue reading “How to Repair MS Word Document File Manually”