How to Reduce the Size of Outlook Mailbox

Is your Outlook mailbox storage capacity full? If your answer is yes, then you are definitely looking for a solution to clean access storage, did I say right. Don't worry; just go for this blog, where you will find possible solution to keep your Outlook mailbox files small and to do every task easily with full accuracy.


Outlook is the most commonly used email client. It has many features that attract users, but the downside is that Outlook has some storage limitations which create difficulties while working with PST files, when the storage limit is exceeded. And a user fails to manage it properly. There are different storage restrictions for different versions of Outlook, such as (Outlook 2007 and 2003 - 20 GB, Outlook 2010 and above - 50 GB).

Now let us discuss the best method with the help of which you can easily reduce the size of mailbox of MS Outlook but prior to this, understand the problem and its consequences more clearly.

What is the Oversize PST file & what are its consequences?

Oversized PST file refers to an enormous mailbox size of Outlook which creates problem for users like – Outlook crashing, freezing, hanging, etc. Due to Oversize PST file users may loss their data too.

The common problems that arise due to huge sized PST files are mentioned below:

Corruption in PST file – large size of PST file can corrupt the entire PST file, but it can be avoided by using Outlook Archive feature.

Data Loss – there is a high probability of data loss issues that users may have to face.

Slow Performance – when the Outlook data exceed the limit, Outlook does not work properly, and also there is a high chances of Outlook crashing.

Less Productivity – Once Outlook slows down, you can provide less output and troubleshoot day-to-day tasks.

How to decrease Outlook mailbox size?

Method 1: Archive the Old Emails in Outlook

Method 2: Compact Now

This method is a single package and is most often used by the user to reduce the PST file. It is a built-in program in MS Outlook and also has dominant trick to reduce size of Outlook mailbox.

For Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010

Method 3: Mailbox Clean Up Tool

Try to clean-up your overlarge Outlook mailbox using this Mailbox Clean Up tool.

Manual solution is a good method; however, before using it, it is also important for you to know that these methods can also have some drawbacks, such as –

Time Taking: Manual process really takes time. Even for the non-technical user it takes quite a long time to first grasp the method and then apply it.

Data Risk: A minor error between the steps of the manual process can cause users to lose all data. There is a chance that the users may be confused, which can be risky.

Method 4: Professional Tool

Use this Softmagnat Compress PST Tool and export large PST without any losses. This is most trusted solution that only took few minutes to reduce large Outlook PST file of any size. It helps you to remove junk/unused Space and compact PST successfully using the advanced features of this software.


A user finds many difficulties while reducing large size pst file, but after reading this article, users can be able to reduce Outlook data file size without any consequences. In this article we have discussed both manual as well as professional solution, users can opt any solution to complete this task in secure and risk-free manner.


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