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Risk-free and comprehensive tool for backing up your Gmail account, quickly download and saving files in various formats Win and MAC OS

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Features: Gmail Backup Software

Complete Gmail Personal Account Backup

Gmail Backup software has an remarkable feature through which it can easily backup your emails, events, contacts, calendars, G-Drive documents from the free Gmail account on Windows OS. All you have to do is sign in to your Gmail account and customize the process as per your needs. The application allows you to backup single or multiple Gmail accounts to a local computer. However, the confidentiality of the mails remains the same after the backup order.

3+ File Formats to Backup Gmail Emails

Gmail account backup software downloads Gmail to PST file supported by MS Outlook Mail client, including latest and previous versions. Not only this, it also allows you to create a backup form for your email data in three different formats, such as EML, MSG or MBOX. You can select any format of your choice, so you can use it on other applications.

Gmail Contacts Backup Option

Gmail Backup software is equipped with dynamic feature that facilitates you to backup Google contacts into standard VCF 2.1 version format. Gmail Backup is built to efficiently backup your Google contact under labels into the respective file locally without any hassle.

Download Events of Gmail

Along with emails and contacts, this Google account backup tool also allows you to securely save multiple events from your personal Gmail account in ICS format to any location specified by the users. You can then import this ICS file into any of its supported programs to view event information without any trouble.

Backup G-Drive Documents As Original

This software effectively backs up your Gmail messages to hard drive and allows you to download G-Drive documents to their original file types. This application includes a backup copy of the Google Sheet in XLSX, Google drawings in JEPG format, Google Drive Docs in DOC, Slides in PPTX, uploaded video and other system data. It is therefore possible to get a backup copy of Google Docs through this program without any problems.

OAUTH2 Authenticated Backup

When you sign in through your Gmail account software panel, you will be redirected to a web page, for o-authentication. The feature allows you to select "Accept" to access your Gmail account data from a Gmail email backup to allow PST / EML / MSG and MBOX file formats.

Apply Impeccable Email Filters

Before backing up your Gmail account data, you can use filters to minimize time & effort and backup your preferred data in PST, EML, MSG and MBOX formats only. Two filters are available in this tool. You can apply “Select Folders” filter to select the folders that can be included for Gmail archive procedure. Alternatively, you can use the email filter option to backup Gmail account data of desired time interval in preferred format.

Option to Free Gmail Server Space

This Gmail account backup software offers many magnificent features and Delete after Download is one of them. This is the main function of deleting messages on the server, after taking copy of the emails stored on the local device. To apply this feature, you just need to check the box labeled as Delete after Download while performing the Gmail data backup task.

Facility of Incremental Gmail Backup

To save time and efforts of its users, the Gmail Backup software has added a notable feature in the form of incremental backup. With the help of this feature, you can only download new data items, if the backup of the same Gmail account was done once before. In short, instead of re-storing the entire data, the software specifically just backs up new Gmail items.

Complete Backup Status Report

Once you begin the process of Gmail backup to MBOX, PST, EML and MSG. The tool will update your live progress report with details such as email, number of calendars, contact number, document count, status and action. Moreover, after the backup process of the Google account is completed, the program automatically saves the export report to the system, which contains information such as - Folder Path, Success Count and Failed Count.

Intuitive Graphical User Interface

The Google Account Backup tool has a highly interesting and simple UI functionality. Both technical & non-technical users can easily perform this backup task without expertise. It is possible for any users to save Gmail archives into PST, EML, MSG and MBOX using this tool. Each step is performed with change of the screen, where all options are clearly classified, so that users won’t get any difficulties while running the process.

Maintains Account History

The Gmail Backup software maintains a complete Gmail account data download history. In such a situation, when a program stops abruptly, it may be due to failure of your internet connection or system. In this case you can browse the Gmail backup homepage to see your account backup history.

Maintain Folder Hierarchy

The original status of the resultant PST file is maintained by the Gmail Backup tool while creating backup of Gmail mailbox to PST file format. You can view resultant PST file in the same folder structure as of the Gmail account. It maintains the email folder hierarchy of Gmail account throughout the backup process.

Download Gmail to PST without Outlook

This Gmail Archive software does not need MS Outlook installation to export Gmail backup data to Outlook PST file. You can easily save your emails and contacts in PST file through this tool. The software also offers an option to use Outlook mode, so that you can be able to download & save Gmail Calendars to Outlook PST format in a proper way.

Avoid Gmail Data Loss

Once you backup your entire Gmail account, all your data is saved on your local device. There are various circumstances that can cause data loss problems such as limit of server storage, unintentional deletion etc. But with the help of this tool you can recover your deleted emails and carry out the Gmail to MS Outlook conversion.

Exports Emails & Attachments in PDF

This Gmail email backup software is affordable & highly efficient solution that exports Gmail emails along with attachments into PDF file format. With this tool you can effortlessly create PDF file with same name as Subject of the email and each email will contain attachment files. If necessary, the user can download the required attachment files from PDF files.

Supports Multiple Languages

In this Gmail to PST conversion software you can easily change the interface language according to your choice and convenience. This Google Mail backup tool offers multiple languages according to which the interface can be set. You can change the default language of the software from English to Japanese, Portuguese, French, Spanish, and Dutch.

Selective Gmail Data Backup

With the help of this amazing Gmail Backup tool, you can easily save all data items, such as email, contacts, calendar, and G Drive documents, from your personal Gmail account after the completion of backup process. In addition, you are free to choose any particular item, instead of taking backup of all items locally. To use this feature, all you need to do is check or uncheck the items box from the user interface.

Option of Pause & Resume

For smooth downloading, the Gmail backup tool allows you to pause the ongoing backup process. Additionally, if you lose your internet connection and interrupt the process, it can be resumed later. After pause, the process can be resumed after the software has been shut down and resumed by simply providing the appropriate account password.

Difference Between Trial & Full Version
Software Features Trial Version Full Version
Easily Backup for Single / Multiple User Accounts
Save Gmail mailbox into EML, MSG, PST, PDF & MBOX Format
Select Gmail Mailbox Folders to Save Data
Backup Gmail Messages First 100 items per folder Unlimited
Backup Gmail Contacts to Vcard (VCF) First 25 items per folder Unlimited
Save Gmail Calendar to ICS Format First 25 items per folder Unlimited
Download Gmail Documents First 25 items per folder Unlimited
24*7 Tech Support & secure 100%
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FAQs - Gmail Backup Tool

No, Google Account Backup Tool will only work for "@ domain". You cannot back up your account except for Gmail messages and items. But if you use the Google Apps service, use the Google Apps backup tool.
No problem, with Gmail email to MBOX, PST, MSG or EML backup software, the software comes with pause and resume feature. There is no need of restarting the backup process from the beginning. Click the "Resume" button to start where you left off.
The time it takes to back up your Gmail email account depends entirely on your internet speed and the amount of data you can back up.
No, there is no limit to the number of Gmail account, while using this Google Mail backup tool.
No, it is not possible to recover lost Gmail passwords. Gmail Backup Tool is intended for backing up your Gmail account data only, such as email, contacts, calendar, and documents, and requires account holders to enter a ID and Password for saving Gmail to PST / EML / MSG /MBOX.
Yes, you can install the program and run it smoothly without Outlook. but installation becomes necessary when you want to convert Gmail Calendar to PST file format.
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I must appreciate the working of Gmail Backup tool. For a while now I have been looking for significant application of backing up my emails of Gmail Account. This tool helped me to take Gmail backup for Mac OS X in an easy manner. Completely satisfied with this utility!! Greg Monroe PolandGmail Backup Software - User Reviews
I would like to suggest Gmail Backup tool to all those who looking for magnificent solution of backing up their emails of Gmail Account. This tool has the simple and user-friendly interface that helps me to backup my Gmail data and save them to PST file format. Thanks a lot, developer Team! David B Walsh DenmarkGmail Backup Tool - User Reviews