How to Migrate G Suite to Windows Live Mail platform

In this article, we will learn how to transfer data from G Suite to Windows Live Mail. We have come to this article with a simple method by which users can transfer Google Apps to Windows Live Mail. Most users prefer a manual solution, but have some drawbacks of their own, which we cannot ignore, so we have described the pre-installed and secure platform. Before we explain the migration process, let us analyze the reason for this migration.


Reasons to migrate G Suite emails to Windows Live Mail

G Suite is an email service provided absolutely free of cost by Microsoft and is mostly used by commercial enterprises. There is no doubt with G Suite, as users can receive email over email at any time, but only when users want to access their important email in Windows OS. Users need to export their database and Windows Live Mail is one of the most preferred options for accessing G Suite online data. Windows Live Mail is a free e-mail service that allows users to easily access e-mail without any hassle and without having to sign in to a G Suite account.


In addition to the reasons listed above, to access G Suite email to Windows Live Mail. WLM is secure and easy for all users to set up. It manages the entire database of users; in addition users can also add multiple cloud-based accounts to it. That's why users are migrating to Google Apps to WLM.

How to perform data migration from Google App to WLM?

The biggest question now arises among users is how they will now do G Suite email migration to Windows Live Mail. But there is no need to get frustrated because to accomplish this task, users have two methods - a manual and a professional solution. Any of these methods can be used by the users. Using a manual solution, users can add a G Suite account to Windows Live Mail. If users require G Suite selected Email in WLM, this method will be long and difficult for users. Let us try to understand this method and its related limitations.

Steps to add G Suite account in Windows Live Mail

First of all you are required to install Windows Live Mail on your Windows system and then follow these simple instructions given below:-

Open Windows Live Mail ⇒ click Account option ⇒ chose Email

Enter email address, password and display name, then click Next button

• Mark manually configure server settings and click the Next button

Enter IMAP as Server Type and after that enter in Incoming Server

• Now in Outlook Mail Server, enter

• Now provide the username and password of your email id

• After the check the SSL and authentication and click Next

• Finally your email account is successfully added to Windows Live Mail

Demerits of the Manual Solution

This manual method takes lots of time to complete Gmail to Windows Live Mail migration. This manual process is difficult for the non technical users as it is very lengthy and complex, if a users do a minor mistake the whole process goes waste.

What’s next? Try out professional solution

If you expect a quick and easy way to migrate Google App to Windows Live Mail, then try the Softmagnat G Suite to Windows Live Mail Migration utility, which lets you easily transfer all your G Suite data to Windows Live Mail without losing data. You will also not experience any difficulty in running this software as it is very suitable for non-technical background users. The software also shows a complete preview to users to view and check all folders before data migrates.


You can view all the works of the program mentioned below step by step:-

Download and Run Gmail Backup Tool on your Windows system

• Now you need to enter "Credentials" to Backup Account.

• After that select "Category" & "Email Format" in which you want backup your data

• Once you select the EML file format, Click on "Select Folder" to archive Gmail Labels

• Now select "Incremental Backup" & Schedule New Gmail Messages

• Finally click on the "Start" option to download Gmail data locally.

Time to Sum Up

I think users can now easily and accurately transfer email from Google Apps to Windows Live Mail, seamlessly and accurately. Here we have discussed professional recommended solutions that are easy to understand and give a 100% safe result without data loss. It also offers a free demo version before the actual purchase of the software.


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