Tricks to Transfer Gmail Emails and Attachments to Hard Drive/SD Card

Online email services are very popular among users as the data in them can easily store and shared online. Before users delete their online data permanently, it is required to save your important files. Backup is given the importance in order to save the data from future contingencies. In all the application Gmail is one of the important and most used online application by users to save messages, contacts, attachments, etc. the users can save Gmail emails to SD Card or Hard Drive to keep it safe to use for future needs. There are several reasons due to which users prefer to save Gmail data to External drive before closing Gmail account, the users need to save the important files to their hard drive to use in future. Due to the improper functioning of the Gmail users may lose their data completely. To save the data from being eliminated users can create a copy of whole data in hard drive. This will helps user to access the database in case Gmail messages are removed from the server. Even, if the data size exceeds the storage limit of Gmail. Users can delete the data after making a copy of data on the external hard drive.

Procedure to backup Gmail data to SD Card

The following ways can be adopted by the users to transfer all the emails data from Gmail to SD Card:

Manual approach

Automated approach

1. Manual Trick:

You can transfer the email manually using the Google Take-Out service and save a copy of the Gmail data on the local device. it is a program that is specially designed to extract data from most Google services and the best benefit of this program is that you can select the specific data which you need to extract. But, before proceeding, it is very important for you to know what Google takeout does, Google Takeout downloads all your selected data and save them in the .zip folder, and allows you to save Gmail email to an external hard drive.

With the help of Google Takeout the users can easily download the Gmail data as discussed below:

1. First "Login the Google account"

save Gmail mailbox data to Hard Drive

2. "Select all the data items" option that you need to Move Gmail Data to SD Card. If you want to save archived files with the process to import Google archive to new Gmail account

3. Now, Click "Create Archive" button to begin the downloading process and then check the current status on the screen.

Export Gmail Mailbox to PST format

Save Gmail Mailbox data to Local system

4. After, the completion of the downloading process, click "Save" button to save Gmail emails to external hard drive

Now, all the items stored in the ZIP folder are in the desired location, while keeping all the data in the original format. Once you complete the downloading of the important data from Google Takeout, the next task is to save the data that you have downloaded to the desktop and then transfer the saved Gmail account data to the hard drive in the simplest way.

Limitations of the Manual approach

Go through the following drawbacks while you try to Move Gmail Data to SD Card as mentioned below:

While using Google Takeout, most of people faced various issues during downloading process.

The manual process is full of confusion and fails to download data files properly.

It has wasted lots of time and bandwidth for downloading archive folder that is nearly 2GB.

Difficult to Move Gmail to SD Card manually as its process is complex and time-consuming too.

2. Automated approach:

Third party tool easily create the backup Gmail emails on hard drive. It makes it easier for a user to save Gmail emails to external hard drive an efficient task. This Software allows the end users to create the copy of emails, calendars, contacts, etc from both single and multiple user’s accounts. The Gmail data could be backed up in any file format like EML, PST, MBOX, and MSG. This tool permits to pause and resume the process due to lack of internet connection then it can resume later. The users can complete their entire process to Gmail to sd card without any data loss. Also, its interface is really good even a novice user can use it without any difficulty.

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