How to Export Gmail Mailbox to Apple Mail

Apple Mail is a popular desktop email client available on all Mac OS. This program offers various functions and allows users to configure it using multiple accounts using POP and IMAP protocol. When users officially used Gmail and more recently, they purchased the Air Book. They need to export the Gmail database to Apple Mail.


Gmail is a cloud-based email service, while Apple is a PC email client used by Mac OS users. When users close their Gmail account or want to move a Gmail email to Apple Mail. They need the appropriate method to export data in a safe and secure environment. Write here, we will explain the method of exporting Gmail to Mac Mail.

Compare Gmail with Apple Mail

Gmail is a web-based e-service that allows you to access data from any system, but it is not free from viruses and hackers. On the other hand, there is a well-known desktop email client that is available to all Mac OS users. No one can argue with Apple in terms of security because it keeps your data %safe and secure. In addition, it also allows users to configure the cloud in it from multiple accounts such as Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, Gmail and many more.

Manual techniques to export Gmail emails to Apple Mail

Follow below manual steps to import Gmail to Apple Mail:-

• Go to Mail menu and choose Add Account from the option.

Select Google in the Choose a Mail account

• Now click on the Continue option.

• When asked to enter Gmail email address. Click the Next button.

• Now add password to the Gmail account, afterwards hit the Next button.

• You will be asked to enable authentication, enter the code generated by SMS and click Next.

• Make sure that you have already checked your mail because one of the applications is accessed through your account.

• You can also pick calendars and notes. But this is not necessary for mail synchronization.

• Finally, Click on Done button, and wait to complete the process to import Gmail into Apple mail.

Professional and Swift way to export Gmail emails to Apple Mail

The manual method we have talked about so far has several drawbacks, which is why it is not preferred by most users. These disadvantages include - long and complicated procedure, small errors can ruin the whole process, not suitable for non-technical users, etc. So in this regard, we have introduced an effective software for you named as Softmagnat Gmail to Apple Mail Exporter tool, using this software users can easily export selected and complete Gmail data to Mac Mail in a short time. Its explanatory interface helps users to better understand its procedure.

Start the program with Mac OS. Gmail credentials must be provided as soon as the software launches. Then press the Login button

Select the format from which the backup will be created from the menu. In this case MBOX will be selected because it is supported by Apple Mail. Select the box that contains the MBOX labeled text.

→ Now select the Browse button for the final destination of the export process. Navigate further and select the destination and press the choose button

→ The selected file will be displayed in the text box, corresponding to the button browse. A custom filter can be used by clicking the Apply filter button. Custom filters are provisioned, according to which a copy of a Gmail account can be created like a selected folder or email filter.

→ You are required to click on “Delete after download” button, to delete data from Gmail once copy is created on Apple Mail. Otherwise click on No option.

→ After that, click on Start button to start the process.

→ After the completion of the process, the entire files can be viewed at destination location.

→ On Mac System open Apple or Mac Mail

Click on File Menu and select Import Mailboxes.

→ Now an Import Wizard will open, you need to select file in MBOX format option and hit the Continue button.

→ Now visit the path where source MBOX file is stored, choose file and hit Choose button.

→ Finally a message will appear on the screen that indicates where imported mailbox file is placed with respective name.

→ After that click on Done button. You can view all MBOX emails emailed in Apple Mail.

Concluding Lines

I hope that after completing this article, you will get a solution to your questions about how to accurately export Gmail to Apple Mail. So far we have discussed two methods that have their own importance. However, we recommend it as it is the most demanded and secure in terms of data security. It offers a free trial version that allows users to understand the working of the software.


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