Tricks to Convert TSV File to VCF format – Quick Solution

I work as an Accounts Manager in a reputed company. Recently, my company assigned me different projects at multiple locations. From the beginning, I maintained all my accounts related work and contacts on my laptop in the TSV file format. Now, it was becoming difficult for me to access data as I have to handle various projects on different locations. So, I decided to import the TSV file containing contacts to my mobile phone (Android). As every time it was not possible for me to open laptop and view contacts, it was so time-consuming process. To access contacts instantly on my mobile phone I decided to implement this task. But, the major challenge for me was: I am not from a technical background so I did not know how to access and open TSV file into an Android-based mobile phone.


I just took a deep breath and started browsing the Internet to find a simple and trustworthy solution to import TSV file into my mobile phone. After spending almost an hour on the Internet, I got to know that I need to convert TSV contacts file into VCF file format and then import VCF (vCard) file into my Android mobile. It was so much relief after knowing all such things.


At this stage, I understood that first, I need to perform the TSV to VCF conversion and then import resultant VCF file to my mobile. After that, I started to search for an automated way to convert TSV contact file into VCF file format. After the research work, fortunately, I got to know about Softmagnat Excel to vCard Converter. I must say this utility works like magic. Within just a few clicks, I was able to convert TSV file to VCF format in a seamless manner. I converted my TSV contacts into vCard file format using this Converter by following the steps given below.

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