Excel to vCard Converter

Excel to vCard Converter

Professional Tool for Converting XLS Contacts to VCF / vCard format (Android, Blackberry, MS Outlook, iPhone etc.)

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Features: Excel to vCard Converter

Load & Preview Heavy Excel File

As soon as the XLS or XLSX file has been added to the software for conversion, the software generates an immediate preview of the entire Excel file in tabular form. You can view each row and column with their respective fields and the number of contacts stored in them. In addition, the Excel to vCard converter software searches all other file types created by MS Excel.

Convert Excel ( XLS & XLSX ) to vCard

Excel to vCard Converter software allows users to export all types of Excel file to vCard files format. The user can easily export multiple contacts from their Excel spreadsheet simultaneously and immediately into vCard format. Users can save all fields of an Excel file in the output vCard via the mapping. The utility prompts users to load Excel files into the application from the source location as required. The software creates an individual .vcf for each contact in the Excel table.

Save Output in 3 vCard Editions

Depending on the selection or requirement, you can easily export Excel data to versions vCard 2.1, 3.0 and 4.0 versions. You can also use the Excel to vCard converter tool to create a single vCard file that is consolidated with all contacts in the selected Excel table.

Map Excel Fields & vCard Fields

The software automatically populates the user information to map Excel fields with vCard field properties such as first name, last name, job title, etc. For some general fields, the software also prompts users to manually select the fields. As soon as the XLSX to VCF Converter has loaded the entire Excel file, all columns are listed in the dropdown menu for the Excel field. Select each column name from the drop-down list in the Excel field and the corresponding name from the drop-down menu of the vCard attribute to map the columns.

Import Excel File to iCloud/ iPhone

With the help of Excel to vCard Converter, a user can export any kind of Excel file to vCard. We all know that vCard / VCF files are a supported format for exporting / importing contacts to various phones, including iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, and programs such as Outlook Profile, Google Contacts and Apple Mail etc. therefore, it is very easy to import the resulting VCF file into both the iCloud contact folder and the iPhone. However, the software can create VCF files in version 3.0. And v4.0, which is easily supported by iCloud and iPhone.

Move Excel File to Android Phone

With this Excel to vCard converter tool, users can also open the resulting VCF file on any Android phone. The version of vCard plays a role on Android phones. A user can easily import contacts from Excel to Android. You just have to import a VCF file to an Android phone like Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, OnePlus, Nokia etc.

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Supports vCard Accepted Device

The Excel to vCard Converter performs safe conversion of Excel contacts to VCF format; after creating vCard files, users can successfully import them into the MS Outlook profile, Android phones, WhatsApp, BlackBerry, Samsung, Nokia and iPhone etc. to continue using the contacts. However, it is not necessary to install MS Outlook to export contacts from Excel to VCF format.

Import Empty Email Addresses

The MS Excel to vCard Converter software offers an option to import contacts with empty email address fields. Simply enable or disable the option to import empty email address contacts if such contacts exist in your Excel file.

Shows the Live Export Report

Once the process of exporting Excel data to vCard begins, the Excel to vCard converter provides users a separate option to displays a real-time conversion report for converting XLSx to VCF. Users can view all of the contacts such as - number of contacts with empty email addresses and the number of contacts that will be converted.

Default Destination Location

The Excel to vCard Converter tool has an independent save option that allows users to save the output file (s) to a location that they define. The software converts Excel file contacts to the vCard file format and saves exported vCard files on the desktop by default. If users want to save resulting vCard files to a location of their choice, they must define the location before converting Excel to vCard.

Comparison of Trial & Full Version
Software Features Trial Version Full Version
Map Attributes (Excel Fields & vCard Attributes)
Preview the list of Matched Attributes
Allow empty Email Addresses to be Imported
Export Contacts and Email Address Only First 25 items No Limitations
Export Phone/Mobile Number Only First 25 items No Limitations
24*7 Tech Support & secure 100%
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FAQs - Excel to vCard Converter

Yes, the Excel to vCard converter tool is fully compatible with Excel 2010 and lower versions.
No, this version of the Excel to vCard Converter tool is only for Windows computers and cannot be installed on Mac OS. However, we have another version of the Excel to vCard Converter tool, CSV to vCard for Mac, which can be successfully installed on a Mac computer.
No, Outlook installation is not required to import Excel to vCard.
Yes, to access Excel file contacts from Outlook, you can use Excel 2010, 2007 for the VCF contacts exporter to convert contacts from Excel to vCard. Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 versions and below are also supported.
No, you can only convert one Excel file to VCF format at a time. With this Excel to vCard converter tool, however, you can convert an unlimited number of XLS / XLSX files one after the other individually.
Yes, the Excel to vCard converter tool offers the possibility to map each contact field from the Excel file to the vCard format before Excel is exported to vCard.
You cannot directly convert Excel to VCF manually. We therefore recommend using the best Excel to vCard converter. The software automatically converts multiple Excel contacts into vCard in large quantities.
What our customers says about this product
After using this Excel to vCard converter software, I found all Excel XLSX contacts in vCard format and successfully imported VCF files into Outlook, WhatsApp and iPhone. I liked the software conversion process, how smooth it is. It exports all Excel contacts to a VCF file. Malcolm Nichols FinlandExcel to vCard Converter Software - User Reviews
I had to move the contacts from my Windows PC to another system. Since I previously used the Excel to vCard Converter for official purposes, I bought the Excel to vCard Converter without a doubt. It successfully enables me to export contacts of the XLSX file to vCard format. The results were amezing and satisfied. Miguel Kliebert DenmarkExcel to vCard Converter Tool - User Reviews