Guide to Setup a New Outlook Profile

MS Outlook is one of the most common email clients that can manage complete users information because the MS Outlook profile stores the location of data files, email account settings, and other important settings information’s used. When you start the Outlook then only this MS Outlook profile works, so it is necessary for the user to add a profile to send and receive email in Outlook. Upon request, more than one profile can be added.

If the PST and OST file is corrupted, the currently specified default profile will stop working or after opening Outlook it will start sending error messages in several tasks. So in order to successfully open and run MS Outlook, you first need to add a new profile. There is a complete guide to configuring new profiles for Outlook 2010.


The following step shows you how to create a new profile in Microsoft Outlook:

• Open "Control panel", then search for the "Mail" applet. Open the Mail profile dialog. And then click "Show Profiles"

Guide to Setup a New Outlook Profile

• A new window will appear on the screen, here "Click Add" to set up your profile in Outlook.

How to Setup a New Outlook Profile

• Type a name for your profile of your choice and after that just click "OK".

• New windows will pop-up on your screen. Enter your name, email address and password and Outlook will try to set up the profile.

How to Create New Outlook Profile

• Once the auto account setup completes, click "Manually configure account settings" to use the existing PST file in your new mail, set alternative ports or authorize the outgoing server.

• If auto account setup fails or if your ISP doesn't support it, check the option to create profile manually.

• Enter your account information, account type, and email server names. If you are unsure, check your ISP's support site.

• After entering the account information, click the "Test Account" button. If that doesn't work, fix the problem and try again.

• Although you can click "Next" and skip the wizard after entering the account information, many ISPs require authorization to send an email, so you need to click on "more settings" options.

• "More Settings" dialog allows you to set a reply to address, configure outgoing server authentication, and connection information.

• And the "Advanced" tab is used to set custom server ports, time outs, and whether to leave mail on the server.

• After completion, you can close the profile dialog,

• Then double-click the "Outlook icon" to launch "Outlook", or add another personal folder (or more account) to the profile.

You don’t need the help of any technician to create your Outlook profile because you can handle it according to the simple steps outlined above by yourself.

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