How to Export Lotus Notes Contacts to Outlook

Lotus Notes and Outlook both are popular in the world for email communication. Both these email clients manages Contacts. But whenever the question arises to export Lotus Notes Contact to Outlook, it becomes tough for the users to migrate the contacts. To simplify this process, we are going to discuss the entire solution by which the export process can be completed in a safe manner. when users switch from Lotus Notes to Outlook, emails and contacts are two important things that a users need to migrate. Lotus Notes Contacts are not directly accessed in MS Outlook , therefore users are required to Export their Contacts first to access them in Outlook.

Manual Way to Export IBM Notes Address Book to Outlook

Here we are going to learn two unique solutions to export IBM Notes Contacts to Outlook. We will briefly learn the manual solution as well as the automated solution. However, the manual trick to export Lotus Notes contacts to Outlook is not a complicated process. You just have to fulfill pre-requisites like Lotus Notes and Microsoft Outlook application on your system.But, in case if you find this manual solution somehow tricky, then you can take the help of a professional tool to perform this export work effortlessly.

Let us discuss both the methods one by one. You should know that this manual process involves two stages:

• Export Notes Contacts to CSV File

• Import CSV File to Outlook


Stage 1: Export Notes Contacts to CSV File

→ Launch the Lotus Notes application

→ Go to "My Contacts" option to open the Address book

→ On the right side on the menu bar, click on "More"

→ Select the "Export Contacts" option from the dropdown list

→ The "Export Contacts" page will get opened, enter the suitable for CSV file

→ After that click on "Export" button to start the process

→ Wait for a while, until the contacts are exported into CSV file

Once all your Lotus Notes contacts are exported to CSV file format successfully, you need to import this CSV file to Outlook PST file.

→ Open the Microsoft Outlook application on your system.

→ Now click on the "File" tab, click "Open & Export" → "Import/Export".

→ Next, in "Import and Export" wizard opened on the screen. Select the "Import from another program or file" option and click "Next".

→ Now in "Import a File" wizard open, choose the "Comma Separated Values" option and click "Next".

→ Next, use the browse option and add the CSV file created in the previous stage,

→ Also, choose the options for duplicate items and click “Next”.

→ Now, select contact folder where you want to import Lotus Notes contacts, and click "Next".

→ Select the "added file" in the next wizard appears, and clicks "Finish".

Finally now all your contacts will get imported from the CSV file to the Outlook PST Contacts folder successfully.

Unluckily, manual solution failed, what’s next?

Lets us know the various limitations of this manual method:


→ If there is large number of contacts then the manual method may not prove to be effective.

→ It does not give reliable and satisfactory results to the users in many cases.

→ It fails to migrate properly all the contacts images and any type of logo.

→ The manual procedure is so long that it takes long time complete the process.

→ Lotus Notes and Outlook application must be installed on you system

Professional solution → Softmagnat NSF to PST Converter

The program is well-proven by experienced experts for exporting Lotus Notes. This makes it easy to handle and securely convert Lotus Notes to Outlook without any kind of damage to any contact and its attributes. With this smart software you can easily move your Lotus Notes contacts on Outlook without any problems as it is compatible with all the latest and previous versions of Lotus Notes and Microsoft Outlook. Moreover, there are a few steps you can take to complete this task in a couple of minutes.

Summing Up

In this blog, you get to learn about manuals as well as third party tools and that too briefly. Now you have all the information about how these methods works, so now on wards you do not get any difficulties while choosing an appropriate solution for the conversion of Lotus Notes to MS Outlook. However, this software also offers you free trial version for testing purpose.

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