How to Create PST File in Outlook

Outlook is a popular and widely used email client among Windows users. This will not only work as an email program, but also comfortably configure all users’ databases. When working as an e-mail client, it stores its e-mail and other items in a common Outlook (PST) file format. There are two types of PST files - ANSI (2 GB) and UNCODE (20 GB or above). Moreover, it is very easy for the users to move PST file to another system using a portable device such as an external hard drive.

Preventing Outlook From Getting Slow

Frequently an email client offers an automatic archive option on old email items, but it is advisable to archive it manually. Due to the large size of the Outlook PST file, archival works become necessary for the users. The huge PST files can slow down Outlook speed and your email speed which is a worst situation for the users. Even if you are a regular user of your email client, it is essential to archive old email data. For regular users, experts always recommend to archive monthly all the Outlook PST files.

Lets understand the basic steps for creating PST files

If you want to create a new PST file in Outlook without facing much difficulties. You can follow these steps that are mentioned below:

Step 1: Open MS Outlook, click New Items, specify more items, and then click Outlook Data Files.

How to Create PST File in Outlook

Step 2: Now, name the new PST file (click Add Optional Password if you need to create a password-protected PST file) and then click OK.

How to Create New PST File in MS Outlook

Note: If you are told by Outlook, enter the password for the new PST file, check it, and then click OK.

How to Generate New PST File in Outlook

The new PST file that you have created is now instantly visible in Outlook.

Can we access corrupt PST files in Outlook?

Outlook PST files can be a victim of corruption anytime, especially when they are very large. When your PST files get corrupted, you cannot access them in Outlook. However, You can Split Oversize PST file of you can repair these corrupted PST files using tools like Outlook PST Repair Tool.

Softmagnat Outlook PST Repair tool is a user-friendly handy tool. It also repairs large PST files because it does not have any file size problems; it also offers a free trial version that allows you to easily understand its features and accuracy. Some of the features of this tool are mentioned below:

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