How to Backup Emails, Contacts, and Profiles in Thunderbird?

Thunderbird is a free email client that users can easily download from the Mozilla Web site. It is an open source email client that offers a variety of options for customizing its functions, such as email, email, chat, news, and more. Thunderbird email data is stored in MBOX file format, while your contacts are stored in the address book. Thunderbird is a lightweight, responsive program that works well on many platforms such as Linux, Mac OS and Windows. In this article, we are going to talk briefly about this topic - how to back up Thunderbird email, profile and contacts. So now, without any delay, let’s start the discussion.

Backup Emails Files in Mozilla Thunderbird

Steps for Installing Import/Export Tools

Steps for Exporting Email Messages

Backup a profile

Thunderbird profile stores your account settings, inbox and more. You can easily backup profile in Thunderbird by following below mentioned steps:


Moving Existing profile or restore a backup profile

In case if you want to use the profile that you stored on your hard drive and also want to use that profile folder as your current profile. Then follow these simple steps given below.

⇒ First of all close the Thunderbird application

⇒ Now change the location of you profile

⇒ Once it done, run the "text editor" and open "profile.ini" in it.

This file will be located in the application data folder for Thunderbird (the location could be different for every OS):

⇒ Now, in profiles.ini, you need to locate the entry for profile and change the location to new one

⇒ Change IsRelative=1 to IsRelative=0

⇒ At last, save the profiles.ini and restart Thunderbird application.

Managing Contacts of Thunderbird

As we already know that, Thunderbird also offers an address book module for easy and convenient management of contact information. Lets us follow the steps to edit Address Book:-


Run the "Thunderbird" application and after that click on "Address Book" button

→ Now in Address Book window, you will see multiple options to manage contacts

New List – This is to create a new mailing list. Click on it, and now you can add and remove cards from lists in a new window.

New Contact – This is to create a new contact in the address book. You can click this button; and can change the contact information easily.

Delete – this can be use to delete a contact from Address Book

Write – it compose a new e-mail message that can be sent to a selected card or list in the address book.


In this article, we will learn that in addition to Thunderbird, MS Outlook is another popular email client that has effective features that come with the MS Office Application. To switch from Thunderbird to MS Outlook, you just need to convert the Thunderbird file to Outlook PST file format. We encourage our users to use this MBOX to PST Converter, a third-party tool that effectively converts full MBOX files to PST format and then imports them into MS Outlook with complete security of the file data.


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