How to Import Hotmail Mailbox to Thunderbird

Users often find it difficult to import Hotmail email to Thunderbird. The reason is the long and complicated configuration procedure. In this post, we will discuss two simple solutions on how to import Hotmail into Thunderbird with all emails and attachments. Here you will get both manual and automated solution with safe and quick migration process.


There are basically two approaches that are available for importing Hotmail email to Thunderbird. You can use either a configuration method or a direct solution such as third party tools. So let’s get this started, but before proceeding, let us have a look here on some reasons why users want to do this import.

→ Thunderbird is a free email application and users don’t have to pay anything for it.

→ Several plug-in can be added by users as per their requirements in Thunderbird

→ It is a simple application and understand by users easily

Method 1: Automated Method to download Hotmail emails to Thunderbird

Users can get help with the Softmagnat Hotmail Email on Thunderbird tool to receive Hotmail email directly in the Thunderbird app. This is an innovative application that exports Hotmail emails to MBOX file format, after that users can easily import them into Mozilla Thunderbird. Additionally, it is available for all Windows operating systems, including Windows 10 Home or Professional. Once the emails get exported into MBOX file with the tool, it can be easily imported into Thunderbird mailbox.

Download and Run Hotmail backup tool and login with hotmail account.

Select Thunderbird file format to export Hotmail emails.

Browse a location to save the Hotmail emails on computer.

Click on Start button to export Hotmail emails to Thunderbird file.

Method 2: Manually Configure Hotmail to Thunderbird

In the manual configuration, you need to perform the 3 main tasks listed below:

→ First Add Hotmail account to Thunderbird and configure the servers

→ Configure Incoming Servers

→ Configure Outgoing Servers

Import Hotmail into Thunderbird and configure servers

→ Now Install & Open Thunderbird application

→ Navigate to top right corner and click on Options ⇒ click Account Settings

Go the left side and find Account Actions ⇒ click on Add Account

→ Now enter the Hotmail account details and click on Continue

→ Thunderbird will auto configure the rest settings. Click on Done.

→ Your Hotmail account has been added to Thunderbird application.

#_Configure the Incoming Servers (IMAP and POP)

(IMAP Configuration)

→ Server Name:

→ Port No: 993

→ User Name: Enter your username

→ Connection security: SSL/TLS

→ Authentication method: Normal password

→ You can configure the other settings as you require.

(POP Configuration)

→ Server Name:

→ Port: 995

→ User Name: insert your username

→ Connection security: SSL/TLS

→ Authentication method: Normal password

You can add Hotmail to Thunderbird with the configuration settings above as you need.

Note: When you use POP, you may get a password error in your Mozilla Thunderbird account. In this case you need to enable the POP setting on your Hotmail account. To do this, go to the Settings option in your Hotmail account.

(Configure the Outgoing Servers)

Select Outgoing Server (SMTP) in the lower left corner. You will see configured outgoing servers in the right pane. Find the Hotmail server name (, click on it. After that click the Edit button and configure the settings below to add a Hotmail account in Thunderbird:

→ Server Name:

→ Port: 587

→ Connection security: STARTTLS

→ Authentication method: Normal password

→ User Name: insert your username


Using these two solutions discussed above, you can easily download your Hotmail email to Thunderbird. Manual solutions look long and complicated that cannot easily be handled by non-technical users. Thus, we have suggested users to go for an automation solution that gives accurate results in a short time and also to do so does not require technical expertise.


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