Stellar Phoenix Excel Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Excel Recovery is the best utility to resolve all the corruption issues of .XLS/.XLSX files and recover everything like chartsheets, charts, worksheets, cell comments, and other data in MS Excel new black file.

Features: MS Excel File Recovery

  • Repairs multiple and individual XLS/XLSX files

  • Recovers by keeping cell formatting and worksheet properties intact

  • Restores everything in new Excel sheet

  • Compatible with MS Excel for Mac and MS Excel for Windows

  • 30 Days MoneyBack Guarantee

  • Use Free Trial Version & See preview of recoverable Excel files

Stellar Phoenix Excel Recovery Software has a wide range of unique features to repair corrupt Excel files. Here are some of its salient features.

Recovers Almost Anything without Any Issue

You can enjoy simple user experience with this Excel repair tool. It brings everything back in Excel file without any issue. It can recover all the objects without any kind of issue with layout, formatting and other properties. It is capable to recover back formatting of charts, charts defined by user, worksheet properties, rules, numbers, formulas, shared formulas, texts, etc. With this tool, you are rest assured with complete safety of your Excel data.

Easy and Quick Repair

The Excel Recovery tool deals with all the damaged or corrupt Excel spreadsheets to minimize all your hassles. If the application is slowed down due to large Excel file or error occurring when it comes to save worksheet, it must be corruption in spreadsheet. But it can repair your damaged Excel data and determines corruption in several objects. It fixes and restores the Excel data.

Consistent & Simple User Interface

It comes with standard user interface which look alike Windows explorer in order to make your navigation and browsing a breeze. It comes with step-by-step easy wizard so you can always get quality results in all situations.

Worksheet Recovery with Properties

It allows you repair Windows/Mac Excel data and save worksheet with all the original formatting. It can resurrect the Excel file affected and restore its actual behavior so you can get convenient and familiar experience.

Easy Folder & File Selection

It boasts innovative features so you can find and select a specific Excel file with “Search Files” or “Find File” options. You can also list only those files which exist in the folder with ‘Search Folder’ option.

Real-Time Preview before Recovery

This Stellar Phoenix Excel Recovery Software makes it convenient to see the Excel files repaired with the real-time preview. You can verify and crosscheck your desired data before you make final decision to recover. Hence, you can enjoy high amount of recovery in this software.

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