Stellar Phoenix Sun Solaris Data Recovery

Sun Solaris Data Recovery from Stellar Phoenix is capable to get back all the missing, lost, or inaccessible files from any Intel hard drive based on UFS system.

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Features: Sun Solaris Data Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Sun Solaris recovery utility is based on UNIX platform. It can deal with all data loss situations from any hard drive based on Solaris on your Windows system. Hence, you don’t need to buy Sun Solaris device. Here are some of its unique features -

Selective Recovery Sun Solaris data recovery utility comes with ‘Find’ option. It allows you start selective recovery or search any specified file from scan results. You can find any important file by Last Access Date, Created Date, Size, and Last Modified. Just press “F3” and you can find next file.
Narrow Down Scan Results Sun Solaris Data Recovery utility have ‘Mask’ option to show only the file type you need. As a result, the search result is narrowed down. It creates a tree structure of files before recovery, as per different criteria on scan result.
Zip Up Recovered Objects This utility comes with a helpful option with which you can save recovered objects as Zip folder. It comes with ‘Create Compressed File’ feature to compress all files or each one separately. But this option works only when you save files onto local hard drive.
‘Filter’ Option to Save Selected Data With ‘Filter’ option, you can save only those files you need. This option applies several filters and recovers as per the file extensions you have specified.
Resumes from Saved Image or Scan Report Stellar Phoenix Sun Solaris Data recovery can get back all the information from any saved image file or scan report previously. You don’t have to scan the media again. All you need to load the scan report or image file of data recovered, choose the folders and files, and save the same to any location.