Stellar Phoenix SCO OpenServer Data Recovery

Stellar Phoenix SCO OpenServer recovery is the best utility to get back all the deleted, lost, or formatted data from SCO OpenServer based on EAFS and HTFS file systems with several efficient features.

*Download the free trial version to scan & See preview of recoverable data.

Features: SCO OpenServer Data Recovery

SCO Data Recovery from Stellar performs risk-free recovery of lost or corrupt data and restores without changing its original format. Here are some of its salient features –

Quick Recovery You can instantly recover all the lost files with this option. It can scan any selected volume based on HTFS or EAFS file system and brings back all the data within less time. It selects image of hard drive volume, not a complete hard drive. You can recover from just single volume at a time with this option.
Advance Recovery It is more powerful and accurate recovery feature to get back all the deleted, lost or corrupt data. As compared to Quick Recovery, it takes more time. But it provides better results on the volume.
Deleted File Recovery Stellar Phoenix SCO OpenServer is UNIX based recovery tool to get back all the files which are deleted intentionally or accidently from hard drive. It ensures complete recovery along with searching files based on signature.
Drive Status It is a very useful feature that shows different information of your hard drive under one roof, such as serial number, model number, size, temperature, status and revision number of the firmware. In addition to that, it has SMART option to keep an eye on the hard disk’s health status. It also prompts the users for potential failure.
Imaging Drive Imaging is yet another bonus feature to create image of any volume based on EAFS or HTFS file system, hard drive or specific region. This way, you can recover lost data from any case of inaccessibility or data loss.
Drive Cloning It allows you create accurate copy of hard drive. It creates the cloned copy to restore the data lost due to hard drive failure. Even in case of failure of main drive, the clone copy starts ongoing tasks with no breaks.