Office 365 Admin Manager Software

Office 365 Admin Manager Software

Smart utility to watch, Update & add multiple Office 365 users details, signatures and disclaimers from single pane.

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Features: Office 365 Admin Manager

View & Monitor Bulk Office 365 Users

Through this software, you can easily check and manage users of Office 365 domain. The administrator can monitor accounts as well as check Office 365 mailbox size etc. on a single panel. With the help of this software, you can see the complete details of all the mailboxes in Office 365 tenant, such as name, email address, user quota and also the last login details. If you use this software, it will help you to check the mailbox details of Office 365 and manage many Office 365 accounts of a particular domain. Additionally, you can search for a specific user and export to Office 365 user in a CSV file by clicking the Export button.

Set Default Signature in Office 365

This software offers an Office 365 signature management feature that enables the admin to modify or change and create a multi-user email signature on a Microsoft Office 365 account. Email ID, last name, department / country fields can often be used for users of a specific domain. These actions can be performed when users who have administrative privileges or an administrator manage the entire process for Office 365 through the control panel. With this tool you can easily create both text and image signatures.

Add Common Disclaimer to Accounts

Whenever applying or modifying disclaimers in Outlook 365 emails of all mailboxes, most Office 365 administrators have to face a lot of difficulties in completing this task. However, by using this admin manager utility, you can automatically add a general disclaimer message to all outgoing emails for the entire domain user accounts without any hassle. With a few clicks you can arrange text or image disclaimer to ban unauthorized users from using any of your organization’s assets.

Export Office 365 Users to CSV File

The Office 365 account management software is embedded with an advance algorithm that allows the admin to export Exchange Online active users to CSV file format in a secured way. It also provides you an option to create a new Office 365 user account and change Outlook 365 user passwords. In addition, it also has the ability to export information from a user account to a CSV file. It is capable enough to export 365 office usernames, email addresses, user quotas, and last login date to CSV file.

Add External Contacts to GAL

This Office 365 Admin Manager software is come up with many functionality and one of them is add External contacts to GAL. the tool allow to import contacts into GAL in Office 365 without any technical issues. Using this tool, the admin can add key details of any external contact by importing a CSV file (Comma Separated Values file). Importing a CSV file within an software helps you to add multiple / bulk contacts at a time.

FAQs - Office 365 Admin Manager

No, you will not be able to log in unless you have administrative credentials. The program only approves Microsoft O365 tenant administration credentials.
Yes, using our product you can efficiently export Office 365 active users to CSV file format without hassle.
Yes, with the use of this software you can easily create image/text disclaimer to all the outgoing emails in Office 365.
Yes, you can add a signature image to Office 365 using our tool. An administrator can create a common signature with an image for all Outlook 365 mailboxes in a single domain.
Office 365 Admin Manager software does not store administration credentials in our local database. The program only uses this certificate to sign in to your Exchange Online account to be able to edit / manage multiple emails in your Office 365 domain with a single software interface.
What our customers says about this product
A great experience till now, it works absolutely on fine and it allows me to add users to an exchange online and viewed the Office 365 mailbox at once on a simple interface. The tool is equipped with many features that make the tool handy and successful. This made my work life much easier. Thank you very much! James Morales NetherlandsOffice 365 Admin Manager Software - User Reviews
Quite impressed with the facility provided to update/modify Office 365 user details and access as well as check office 365 mailbox details on the software interface. Office 365 Admin Manager product is one of the best software I have used to manage multiple Office 365 email accounts. Big thumbs!! John J Kim TunisiaOffice 365 Admin Manager Tool - User Reviews