How to Transfer DBX Files to Windows 10 System

Windows XP users have encountered issues such as accessing Outlook Express DBX files in Windows 10 PCs when updating to Windows 10. Windows XP used to be an Outlook Express email client, but it was later discontinued by Microsoft Outlook and replaced by Window Mail, and now Outlook has Microsoft support. When a user updates Windows XP to Windows 10, they will not be able to find the DBX file in Windows 10. Windows 10 supports MS Outlook as a default email client, and this client supports PST file format. In this case, users need to move the DBX file to Outlook PST file format to access the data in Windows 10.

Methods for DBX to PST Conversion

There are both manual as well as automated solution is available, so being a user you can choose one of these solution to move Outlook Express files to Windows 10 –

Manual Solution –

This manual method is divided into two stages, such as

Now let’s we talk these two stages in details.

Stage 1: Transferring DBX file into Windows Live Mail

Open the email application which is "Windows Live Mail"

Click "Start" button in Windows XP and go to the "Control Panel"

How to Transfer DBX Files to Windows 10 System

• After that click on the "Appearance and Personalization" option

Transfer DBX Emails to Windows 10 System

• Now under this tab, go to "Folder" option and click on it to go to "View" tab

Move DBX Files to Windows 10 System

• Then go to "Hidden Files and Folders"

• Here you should check the option "Show files, folders or drives"

• Now, start to locate Outlook Express DBX file within email client. For Outlook Express;

Default location is – "C:\Documents and Settings\your user name\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{your Windows user identity number}\Microsoft\Outlook Express"

• Now, copy the Outlook Express files (DBX) to the document folder, where the newly updated edition of Windows OS (Vista)

Transfer Outlook Express Emails to Outlook PST file

Note: Please remember that you do not have to open Outlook Express folder when importing into Live Mail.

Stage 2: Export Windows Live Mail emails into PST format

Open "Microsoft Outlook" application

• Make sure "Windows Live Mail" is open before proceeding

• In WLM, go through "File" Tab then select "Import and Export" option

Export Outlook Express DBX Files to Windows 10 System

• Now select "email messages"

• After that choose "file folder" and then click on "Next" option

• At this point, all messages are exported to the MS Outlook file structure

• Now just click OK to continue the process

• Here you can export entire e-mail folders or a specific folder using the "Select Folders Settings" option

DBX to Outlook PST Converter

• You can click on "OK" button just after selecting desired option to complete export process

• Wait for completion of process and then Click on "Finish", process completes.

Export Outlook Express Emails to Outlook PST file

Note: users are required to follow this manual steps very carefully because even a single mistake can ruin the whole process.

Automated Solution

The manual method is free but is a very routine and time consuming process. In addition, there is lack of data security as users may face data loss problems. This method can be easily managed by technical users, but for non-technical users this method is the most difficult and confusing. Therefore, here we have come up with an advanced solution for converting your DBX file to PST file format. And the solution is no other than Softmagnat DBX to PST Converter tool, it is a convenient utility that provides complete data security guarantee when converting DBX file to Windows Outlook PST format. You can also get a free trial of this software to know about the quality, speed, performance of the program before purchasing its licensed version.

Time to Conclude

After reading this article, users learned how to transfer DBX files to Windows 10 after converting to Outlook client. We have discussed both the manual and the automatic solution so you can try any of these two methods. But if you choose the manual method and you are not able to do the conversion work properly. Then in this case you can get help with the automated method discussed above to simply export DBX files to PST format to access data on Windows PC.

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