Know the Simplest Procedure to Sync Outlook Calendars with Zimbra Client

You already know that Outlook is the most commonly used email program and works as a personal information manager, but it is not available for free. Because of this, many users around the world are looking for a free email client for email management, just like Outlook. And for this task, the Zimbra app is the best choice because it is absolutely free and open source client. This is enough to ensure that the elements of the mailboxes are accessible in both online and offline mode. In addition, you can run the Zimbra program on multiple platforms, such as Windows, Mac, and Linus. Zimbra is a flexible program that stores all user data in an organized manner.


Users who intend to import Outlook Calendars to Zimbra, they need to migrate the PST data to Zimbra. Therefore, in this article, we will focus mainly on connecting Outlook calendars to Zimbra profile. So, in the next section, the reader will learn some suitable method to convert an Outlook PST to a Zimbra program, with easy steps.

Export Outlook Calendars to Zimbra with manual technique

Here’s a step-by-step guide to moving calendar entries from Outlook to Zimbra. This solution is classified into two stages:

Stage 1: Export Calendar from Outlook

1. Open "MS Outlook" on your Windows system.

2. Now "Open Calendar" that you want to move in "Zimbra".

3. Now, you need to click "File" tab and in the menu select the "Save Calendar" option.

4. After that, select the "destination location" to save the resulting file and enter the appropriate name for output iCalendar file in the file name box.

5. Next, you will see details of the calendar such as: date range, calendar name, etc.

6. If you are satisfied with the details, go to step 8. Otherwise, follow the next instructions.

7. Click "More" option to change the settings. Here you can apply the date range in the calendar you want to add to the iCal file.

8. Next, click on OK ⇒ Save.

The next step that will lead to the process of importing the Outlook calendar to Zimbra is to move the extracted ICS file to the Zimbra desktop. Go to the next section to know the exact method.

Stage 2: Import Outlook Calendar to Zimbra Desktop

1. Exit "MS Outlook" and open your "Zimbra account".

2. Now, click on the "Preferences" tab.

3. And select the "Import/Export" option.

4. "Browse" the ".ics/iCal file" created in the above step under "Import" section.

5. Choose the option "existing calendar or create a new calendar" to import the file.

6. Then, click on "OK" to continue the process.

7. Finally, you need to click Import ⇒ OK.

Third-party solution to transfer Calendar entries of MS Outlook to Zimbra without Outlook

Use Softmagnat Outlook Calendar Extractor tool to extract calendars from PST files without worrying about any technical issues. This software works perfectly with any size of PST files and just needs couple of minutes to extract all your Calendars from Outlook with 100% guaranteed security of data contents.

• Download and launch Softmagnat Outlook Calendar Extractor software

• Click the "Browse" button to "Add PST File" from where you wish to extract calendars entries.

• Select the Calendars in the extracted menu

• Now using "Browse" option to choose the "Output location".

Click on the Process & Export Calendar option.

Now you can use this above discussed method, to import the ICS files to Zimbra. So that you can easily access Outlook ICS files in Zimbra program.


As we know that users need to migrate from Outlook to Zimbra. In this article, we have discussed how to transfer calendar entries from Outlook to Zimbra Desktop manually. But users cannot use this method without the help of MS Outlook. So, we have considered an alternative solution for importing Outlook calendar into Zimbra. It only requires Outlook data files to transfer calendar entries of Outlook to Zimbra Calendar supported format.

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