A Step by Step Guide to Extract Images from Outlook Email

If you really want to know the solution, how can you extract images from your Outlook email? Then, without any delay, just read the article and find the exact procedure to save multiple images from Outlook.

There is no doubt that you have to face lots of difficulties while extracting multiple images as an attachment from Outlook email. In addition, with embedded images, the situation can be worse because the process is much more complicated. Let's dig a little deeper to quickly save or download these images. However, there are many ways with the help of which you can easily extract attachments from any type of image from Outlook email.

Extract Embedded Outlook Images

If the embedded images contain text present in the body of the email, then you can easily extract the image from the Outlook email using the following steps:

(But remember that methods to extract a single image and multiple images are different)

Extract a single embedded image

You can directly select the image and right-click to save the image.

First Open the MS Outlook and select the email with a single image.

Open the email in the view pane.

How to Extract Images from Outlook Emails

After that, select the image, right-click it and select 'Save as Picture' option.

Extract Images from Outlook Emails

Here you need to browse location in the image, specify the name, format from the drop-down And then click the 'Save' button.

Save images from Outlook emails

Go to the location and check-out whether the image is there or not.

Extract images from Outlook

Extract multiple embedded images

In case if multiple images are there in the body of the email, you may need to change the saving method. Following are the steps to Extract multiple embedded images.

First, open the email with the multiple images that needs to be saved.

save images from Outlook Emails

Now go to the 'File menu' on the menu bar.

How to Save Outlook Images to Desktop

And then click on the 'Save As' option.

Extract Outlook Email Attachment

Now browse at the location of the images. Then you need to go down and select HTML as the saving format. Enter a name and click Save.

Save attachment to your desktop from Outlook Emails

When you check the saving location, you will see a folder in addition to the HTML file that will have all the images in the email.

Extract Images from Outlook Emails

You can use these two methods mentioned above when the email is inserted into the body. But when the images are from attachments, then you need to search for another method.

Save a single image from the attachment

When using this method, it is relatively easy to save attachment images than previous methods, as there is a direct option to save one image of the attachment.

Run MS Outlook and select the email followed by clicking the attachment. Then click 'Save As' option to continue with the next step.

Under Save Attachment wizard, provide the name of the saving the image and destination location and click Save to extract images from Outlook email.

Save multiple images from the attachment

When multiple images are present in attachments, then you can select all images and click 'Save As'. Check if all the images are present as you selected, after that you can continue by clicking OK.

Provide a name to the folder to save all the images, and then just click OK.

It is quite easy to save all the attachments in Outlook e-mail and you can use many methods available in Outlook application to save in a safe place.

But, managing Outlook attachments is not so easy. This can lead to a variety of issues and even lead to Outlook database file corruption and execution issues. So, manage your attachments in email, and also you must try professional Outlook Attachment Extractor Software tools.

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