How to Extract Data from Secured PDF Files

The PDF file is a common format that is used to save and share documents, including text formatting and images. Transferring documents via PDF file has become very easy for the users. But, a question arises in the mind that if we have a secure PDF file, how we can deal with it. Some users secure their PDF file with password but it causes inconvenience to the users. Today we will focus all our attention on how to extract text from a secure file in this article. Now let us know more about the locked PDF file.

Define – Protected PDF File & its Categories

Protected and secured PDF file refers to those PDF files that users have protected with certain security measures. Secure files can be classified into two categories - in the first category, we put user-level password, so that no unauthorized user can open these files. While in the second category we have placed restricted document, which sets the restriction so that other users cannot copy, edit and print the PDF file without the permission of authorized user.

Here we have mentioned some list of restrictions done to keep the PDF file secured –

Copying content – it restrict users from copying the PDF contents

Print restrictions – don’t allows users to print the PDF file

Editing restrictions – with this restriction, users cannot edit the PDF documents

Form filling – It is not allowed to fill in the forms

Commenting – Commenting to PDF file is not permitted

Document assembly – it will not allow assembly of PDF file

Page extracting – it does not allows users to extract data from secured PDF file

Check Restrictions Present in PDF file

Open PDF file with the help of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Click on Padlock icon and click Permission details option

Click Security

View Document Restriction Summary

• Here, you will get permissions associated with PDF file.

Need to Extract Data from Locked PDF Files

From time to time, users have PDF files, but they are secured and data cannot be extracted from locked files. Suppose a teacher at an institute shared a secured PDF file instead of an unlocked PDF file, and the teacher is offline for a few days. In this case, the student must find an alternative solution to get the text from the secured PDF file.

Removal of Security from Protected PDF file to Extracted Data

If you want to get text from a secure PDF file, then it becomes mandatory for you to remove the security from it. So you need a professional solution, if you take our suggestion then you can try this Softmagnat PDF Unlocker tool which is capable of removing both types of security measures which we have already discussed above. Apart from removing the password, it also disables all other types of restrictions. It then becomes very easy for users to extract data from a secured PDF file without installing the Adobe Acrobat application.

A Technique to Extract Text from Locked PDF file

After removing all types of data security measures from PDF file. You can use Adobe Acrobat application to extract your preferred type of data, with the help of these following steps –

• First you open the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat application

• After that go to the “Tools” option and then select “Export PDF”

• At this point, if you want to extract text, select Export Word document or rich text format

• Users can also choose from any of the options of their choice:

Note: In addition to Adobe Acrobat application, there is another program called the Softmagnat PDF Toolbox that efficiently extract users PDF data safely and quickly as well.

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