Wondershare Allmymusic for Mac

Wondershare Allmymusic for Mac Software

Wondershare Allmymusic for Mac to Record Audio from Online Streams

Features: Wondershare Allmymusic for Mac Software

  • Records audio from YouTube, Pandora, and other streaming sources

  • Records streaming audio from any radio programs

  • Automatically detects audio streams

  • Records audio in 1:1 Quality with zero loss

  • Works with best sites

  • Supports latest Mac OS X 10.10 and earlier versions like 10.9, 10.8, 10.7 and 10.6

  • Use free Trial Version & See Recoverable Data

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Wondershare Allmymusic for Mac has been purposefully designed to record your favorite music from, any stream source. You can record audio from radio stations, web videos, and other sources like Pandora and YouTube.

Record Virtually Everything

You can record audio from your favorite radio stations, online streaming sources and several other channels at anytime and anywhere. Wondershare Allmymusic for Mac will download your audio to your PC and allows you listen to them offline. It is 100% legal and adheres to all copyright regulations.

Automatically Detect Audio Streams

Whether on online radio station, on video or on program, if audio is being played on your PC, it will detect it to record it. All you need to hit the “Record” button and let it do its job.

Records Audio Streams with No Quality Loss

Wondershare Allmymusic for Mac software records any audio with a virtual sound card played from the soundcard of your PC. Hence, it preserves original quality of audio.

Tag Your Audio Automatically

Wondershare Allmymusic for Mac collects the details of your favorite music automatically, such as album, artist and genre. After that, it splits sound tracks and removes ads. Then, it allows users to save the track as is, or edit information and personalize it.

Works with Best Sites

Wondershare Allmymusic for Mac software captures music from around 500 well-known radio stations and music sites, such as Pandora, YouTube, iTunes Radio and Spotify.

Record Audios from Online Streaming

You can leave the stream page while recording. It will keep recording your favorite music without any disturbance. You can surf on other windows or tabs or open other windows, or even launch another browser. After getting the desired video or audio stream, launch the software. It will automatically find out the stream. All you need to click “Record” button and it will show the musical notes to show that your track is getting recorded.

Compile Your Desired Playlist in CD

Wondershare Allmymusic for Mac software features a music toolkit to burn your desired playlists into CD. It is very flexible and user-friendly. You can drag and drop after opening this tool because it has a lot of amazing features.

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