Stellar Phoenix Virtual Machine Data Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Virtual Machine Data Recovery is an ultimate utility to get back deleted or lost data from Microsoft (VHD), Oracle (VDI) and VMware (VMDK) image files.

Features: Virtual Machine Data Recovery

  • Recovers all Multimedia/Image Files, Database Files and Office Documents from virtual machines

  • Recovery of all data lost because of corruption and formatting from virtual machines

  • Performs recovery from virtual drives based on exFAT, NTFS, FAT16, and FAT32 file systems

  • 30 Days MoneyBack Guarantee

  • Use Free Trial Version & See preview of all recoverable data

Stellar Phoenix Virtual Machine recovery utility comes with a lot of benefits. It has some of the best features to make it most prominent recovery utility for your Virtual Machine.

Easy & Efficient Recovery

This Virtual Machine data recovery software includes several features to get back all the deleted or lost data from Virtual machine installed with any software like ORACLE VirtualBox, VMware Virtual Machine, and Microsoft VirtualPC. It allows recovery of all the data like database, Office files, audio, image, videos, archive and backup files and other data.

Recovers ORACLE VirtualBox Data

ORACLE VirtualBox is among the most anticipated virtual tool. Users often feel sudden loss of data from machines where VirtualBox is installed, because of reasons like crashes of operating system. It is well designed to retrieve back VDI files from all applications. It supports both ‘Dynamic’ and ‘Static’ file types of VirtualBox.

Recovers VMware Data

Sometimes all the systems face the problems of severe data loss, which have VMware virtual tool installed. The VHD Recovery software recovers VMDK data and searches for it. It recovers each and every data with its smart recovery algorithm. It supports all the file types like ‘Two GB Max Extent Sparse’, ‘Two GB Max Extent Flat’, ‘Monolithic Flat’ and ‘Monolithic Sparse’.

Recovers VirtualPC Data

The Windows VirtualPC has all the files in VHD image format. Stellar Phoenix Virtual Machine recovery utility can deal with all issues of data loss. From VHD virtual machine, it seamlessly performs recovery of data.

Recovers Data from Corrupt Disks or Virtual Volumes

This data recovery utility is capable to recover inaccessible virtual disk data on the virtual machine. It independently performs operation on the OS.

Suitable Options to Restore Data

Once lost data is recovered, the Virtual Machine recovery tool allows you save the data to your desired location on the FTP server or on the hard drive. You may also compress the data to save some sort of space. You may zip all the files or compress all of them individually.


Supports all Virtual drives installed on Linux and Windows based PC
Supports VDI, VMDK and VHD image files

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