Manual Guide to Repair Corrupt or Inaccessible MS Access Database (.mdb) files

Ms Access is known as a database management system (DBMS) from the Microsoft. And MDB is the file which store all the data of MS Access database. This application is most popular and widely used.

But sometimes this file got corrupted and become inaccessible. There are various reasons of corrupt of MS Access database files.

Here are Some Major Reasons of Corruption of MS Access Database File:

  • Quick shutdown: Sudden shutdown of the system is one of the greatest issues for the damage access data. It indicates like when window not working properly, system get hang and sometimes sends the error massages and shutdown your PC without closing down your database files. While suddenly power failed during the working on system.
  • Hardware fault: Hardware failed while the packets are lost on the network and due to the bad sector.
  • Virus infections: Due to working on the system with using networks some virus comes on the system unexpectedly. And they infected the documents. This is one of the awful reasons for the damage access data.
  • Bugs: A bugs relates to the unwanted error, flaw, failure or fault in a system. It shows an unexpected result which may cause of the data faults.
  • Several users: Several users using the same database and the different jetpacks, it may be leads to corruption.

So that was the reasons of corruptions in the Ms Access database. Now you should have to know that how can you prevent your damage database. Let’s know about the prevention of the Ms Access documents.

  • Splitting: For preventing your file then split your database into two parts in the backend which stores tables and a frontend which stores everything else. There is an inbuilt wizard which can help you for this tool.
  • Don’t use memo fields: Never try or use of the memo field it also can cause for the damage data. If you need to memo your work then generates a separate table for it and then creates the one to one relationship with the parent table.
  • Don’t stores images: Don’t use and store images in your database, it isn’t made for this so be careful.
  • Wi-Fi issues: If you are connected to the -neighborhood networks or multiple users using the same Wi-Fi can cut your connection abruptly. This may reason to the corrupt data.

Manual Tips to Recover Damaged Ms Access Database:

So don’t worry for your corrupt and damage documents in the access database file. Here is a manual methods which is able to helps you to recover the damaged and corrupted database.
But before you start this procedure you should have to know about their limitations such as:

  • The manual methods are complex issue; it has a time consuming and a bit lengthy
  • There are some chance to loosing data and if it fails to the repair MBD file
  • User need to have some technical skill to repair MS Access Database

So we don’t want to take your more time so let’s start the process:

1. Inbuilt Feature “Compact and Repair Database” to repair .mdb file

The size of the MS Access database file is rapidly grow and bigger size always create problem. So it better to use Microsoft inbuilt utility to repair corrupt Access database file. You can follow these steps to repair mdb file.
1. Open Menu
2. Click on Database Tools
3. And then Select “Compact and Database Repair” option
This is a inbuilt feature and All version of MS Access having this option.

2. Import Corrupt Files to a New Database & Restore MS Access Database:

  • First launch MS Access and create a new database in Ms Access. Then click on the “Create a new file”.
  • After that go the “External data” on the access task bar
  • Select the Access to import the files.
  • Clicking on the Access, window will pop up named “Get External Data – Access Database”.
  • After that go to the browse button and choose the database files to import.
  • Then browse and click Ok.
  • Select the object and click Ok.
  • Choose “Save Import Steps” and click Ok.

These tips will help you in most of cases but sometimes it will not work. Manual tips did not repair all types of problems. If you are still facing the error, I would suggest you to use the free trial version of MS Access Database Repair tool. Free version allow you to repair corrupt database and show you all the recoverable.
If you are completely satisfied with the free version then you need to purchase the full version license to save data.