How to Repair MS Word Document File Manually

Are you looking for the solution to repair corrupt Word document File? So, here is the way that how to recover your corrupt word files back in the safe mode. Sometimes your ms word file gets corrupted due to may reason like- virus and malware attacks, sudden power shut down, hardware issues and so on. There are two ways to recover MS Word file. First is Manual Process and Second is use of the third party software.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a word document which is developed by the Microsoft. Microsoft Word is a part of the MS office suit. It is uses in the business world, home, and educational sector. The word processor application to generate different type of text documents which contains letters, brochures, learning activities, resumes etc. The ms word document has two .doc and .docx file extension. Earlier version of ms word used .doc extension and MS Word 2007 and later versions use the .docx extension to saving the document.

Here are Some Limitations of Manual Process

  • It is little bit lengthy process
  • Manual process allow for the person who have the sound technical knowledge to perform this process.
  • Data may be delete or lost if there is having any mistake during the process.
  • This manual process is a complex issue.

 Let’s use the Manual Process to Recover Corrupt MS Word Document File by the OPEN and REPAIR Feature.

  • Start the Microsoft Word program on the system
  • Go to the File tab and click
  • In the open window, browse the location where the corrupt file is saved.
  • Select the file, now click drop-down arrow button shown next to the open.
  • Click open and repair in the list
  • Now, within a few time it will complete the process.

Recover  the Corrupt Word File using Third Party Software

Use the MS Word File Recovery software which helps to recovers the entire corrupt word file. It is based on the graphical user interface. The software works very quickly and easily. So download the free trial version of this software. Free version allow you to repair corrupt Word file and see you the preview of recoverable data. If you are completely satisfied with recoverable data then you need to purchase the full version license.

You can download this application from here: