Stellar Phoenix iPod Recovery (Windows)

Stellar Phoenix iPod Recovery is an efficient utility to recover all the deleted, lost or formatted data from iPod, like songs, documents, podcasts, videos, graphic files and eBooks etc. which are lost because of iPod formatting or accidental deletion. It runs on Windows and recovers back all the lost files on Windows PC.

Features: iPod Data Recovery

  • Recovery of lost data from iPod Shuffle and iPod Classic

  • Saves log report and resumes recovery

  • Preview of all videos, sound tracks and photos for recovery

  • 1-2-3 steps quick recovery

  • Compatible with Windows 2000, Xp, Vista, 7 and 8

  • Now comes with ‘Create Image’ feature for later recovery

  • 30 Days MoneyBack Guarantee

  • Use Free Trial Version & See preview of Recoverable Files & Data

Stellar Phoenix iPod Recovery performs risk-free and complete recovery of iPod files without making any slightest change in original formatting. Here are some of its prominent features.

Advance Recovery

The iPod Recovery software completely scans affected iPod with ‘Advance Recovery’ feature and recovers back all the lost data. It performs powerful recovery method which delivers more accurate results in recovery.

The ‘Create Image’ Feature

‘Create Image’ is another bonus feature which creates DAT file of iPod and lets users to recover the lost data later. During scanning, the iPods are subject to crash because of bad sectors. Hence normal recovery operation is not enough. It can recover the data with the help of image file.

Recovery of Deleted File

Stellar Phoenix iPod Recovery is an innovative application which comes with a lot of powerful features to recover and scan the lost iPod files. With its unique feature of ‘Deleted File Recovery’, all the important lost data can be recovered which was lost because of virus attacks or accidental deletion.

Locates Important Files from Result

This Stellar Phoenix iPod Recovery software includes ‘Find’ option to locate any specific file from the large range of scan results. It has a lot of useful options like ‘Regular Expression’, ‘Match Case’ and ‘Match Whole Word Only’ for added accuracy.

Selective Recovery

Stellar iPod Recovery lets you recover selected files only from the list of files before recovery. It lists scan results in tree structure. It shows the preview of all the important files. You can select them and recover them at any location.

Resume Recovery from Log Report

This iPod Recovery software makes detailed log report to save scan information. You can continue the recovery operation from where you have left. During recovery of this information, you may connect the iPod. You may also perform the operation even if you don’t have iPod.

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